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  • March Spam is delicious and nutritious!!

    Got something guitar-related that you need to sell? Post it here!

    All spam outside of this thread will be deleted.

    By popular demand:

    1) All spam outside of this thread will be deleted.

    2) Only one post per item per person. If you "update" your price and bump your post, YOU HAVE TO DELETE YOUR ORIGINAL POST.

    3) If you are a repeat offender you will be given a temp ban.

    4) Haggling and questions do not belong in this thread. If you have a question, send a PM to the person.

    5) Do not "quote" somebodies post with their huge photos in it. If you think they have nice gear, send them a PM.

    6) Do not criticize the price someone chooses to set for their gear. It's their gear, they can sell it for whatever they want. If the price is wrong, it won't sell, not your problem, let them worry about it.

    7) Only music related gear should be posted for sale here. If you have video games, iPods, or lawn mowers, post those in the classifieds forum, not here.

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    Boss BF-3 Flanger - $55 shipped to lower 48 (like new with box - never used except to test out at home)

    Boss Tu-2 Tuner - $55 shipped to lower 48 (Very good condition, original box)

    Danelectro Cool Cat Drive CO-1 (first version) - $50 shipped lower 48 (Excellent condition, original box)

    Fender Blacktop Strat HH loaded pickguard (mint green) - $95 shipped lower 48 (Excellent condition, pulled out of my Blacktop Strat as I put on an HSS guard with new pups, pots, etc.)

    Tech 21 Trademark 60 footswitch AR3 - $60 shipped lower 48 (Excellent condition)
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      Update: trade me stuff. I just want to get rid of things I'm not using. I like Classic Vibes, and weird stuff!

      Devi Ever Destructo Noctavia

      Works great, way heavy and way huge sounding. A bit too heavy for my rig and I'm just not using it. In near new shape, with velcro and original box.

      $70 Shipped and PP'd.

      Day I got it:

      Marshall Class 5

      $280 shipped and PP'd
      Great little amp. Does have the tube rattle issue. I've never fixed it permanently. I have wedged various things inbetween the tubes (foam and cardboard) but right now it is only being used as a low volume college apartment practice amp, so it doens't come in the volume range where the tubes rattle. I've never changed the preamp tubes, and I think those are the rattle issue.

      Other than that, it is in good shape. It has been gigged, so the speaker should be worn in, and there are some small nicks on the outside of the amp. Here is a picture of when I got it, I will post more later:

      Watch this video to hear this actual amp in action. Stock SG Classic -> Boss GE7 as a clean boost -> Class 5 at 1/2-3/4 volume. In any of the videos labeled 1-6-12 I used the Class 5 in a similar configuration.


      Also for either of these, I love local deals so contact me for that and I can cut you deal (I hate shipping).
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        I'm now entertaining trades for an AVRI Jazzmaster or Thin Skin Jazzmaster. Not too jazzed about sunburst or black though. Thanks.

        For sale is a 2002 Fender American Deluxe Strat. Comes with locking tuning machines, Vintage Noiseless pickups, pop-in trem arm, offset block saddles, tremolo cover & screws, allen wrenches, hard shell case. The neck is a standard "C" shape with abalone dot inlays and has a 43mm nut.

        This Deluxe Strat does not have the S-1 switching system. I don't know if the body is made of alder or ash. Also, the guitar is not in mint condition. There are some scratches and dings, but nothing other than cosmetic.

        Price is $850 paypalled and shipped CONUS. Will ship in hard shell case with plenty of extra padding in box. Thanks for looking.

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        Originally Posted by Mike Eldred, Fender Custom Shop

        The discussion about nitro (and many things on forums like these) is largely based on folklore, innuendo, and assumption that it "sounds better". Poppycock.


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          New one added!

          More pedals for sale: http://acapella.harmony-central.com/showthread.php?2884441-Hand-made-hand-painted-germanium-based-effects-pedals-FS-FT&p=45281167#post45281167#

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              Dear guitar players: please buy these.

              Basically, we're going to go back to Orange cabs (4x12s and 2x12s) so we want to sell our custom 6x12 cabs but we'd like to keep the speakers.

              The tolex on both cabs is in fairly rough shape and I will provide more detailed pictures to anyone interested, but the grillecloth is near-mint (if not dead mint) on all 3 cabs.

              One is in white "orange-style" tolex, with cane grille built to Orange cab dimensions, only bigger. On casters. Looks like this, only more road-worn:

              One is in black "mesa-style" tolex, with cane grille built to Orange cab dimensions, only bigger. On casters. Looks like this, only more road-worn:

              Those are the Aftershock cabs.

              We also have a sourmash-made Marshall-style 6x12 with a slanted baffle and salt and pepper grillecloth. This cab is the least worn of the 3 by a mile as it has never been on tour. Has casters.

              Looks like this:

              It does not currently have the marshall logo.

              Located in Central Florida, willing to travel to meet up, willing to ship but ENTIRELY at the buyer's expense (which will be significant. Not really worth shipping these, folks).

              Asking $300 firm for the Aftershock cabs unloaded which is a steal.

              Asking $250 for the Sourmash.

              Willing to listen to offers for loaded cabs, but would MUCH prefer to sell unloaded.

              (white cab would be loaded with WGS green berets/reapers, black cab would be loaded with WGS et65/vet30s, Sourmash cab will not be sold loaded. Willing to accept offers in the ballpark of $800 for loaded cabs).
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                Catalinbread SFT. I've had this thing since they were first released... August of 2009. That's a long time.
                Comes with the box, receipt and even the tone factor candy. $135 shipped

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                  [COLOR="red"]Price Drop!

                  FS/T: 1981 Fender Bullet - Made in the USA.

                  In good condition. A few dings, nicks and scratches, and some weather-checking & cracks in the paint. It's the original cream color with a v shaped maple neck. It's got single coil sized humbuckers: '59 bucker in the neck, and an SJBJ-1b JB Jr. in the bridge. It came to me with Seymour Duncan replacement pickups. I don't have the originals. Original Hard-shell Case.

                  The guitar sounds great. I wouldn't be selling, but I have too many guitars currently.

                  $550 obo

                  More pics are available here.

                  FS/T: Gibson 1980 SG R1 - Black - Moog Electronics!
                  Original! It's in pretty good condition. Comes with a more recent Gibson Hard shell case. It does have a few dings. Looks to be constructed of mahogany - body and neck. A few nicks go through the paint. It has an ebony fretboard too. SG Standard style inlaid Gibson headstock. Chrome hardware. It has on-board Active Moog Electronics. Instead of a tone knob, it's got a low and high eq that are -5 to +5 cut and boost. It has the same on-board expansion setting that Gibson RD Artists have. No on-board compression though. When the expansion is on, it can be really BRIGHT sounding!!
                  I've had it for a few years. It's a great playing & sounding guitar, and is a very rare Gibson that's sure to go up in value. There are supposedly 200 in existence. They come up from time to time on Ebay, and are priced well north of this asking price. The case has been stenciled, and an attempt was made to remove the paint. (See pics.) The case still works perfectly though. The combo on the lock was never set.

                  Email me if you want more pics of anything.

                  $1000 obo

                  See below link for more pics!


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                      [COLOR="red"]2010 Fender Special Run Ash Telecaster

                      dead mint

                      Special Run for Musicians Friend. Has fender vintage noiseless pickups stock.


                      More pix available

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                        Saving a seat on page 1 for later...


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                          VFE Enterprise Phaser $125
                          Malekko E Filter $85
                          Heavy Electronics Ascend (FET boost that can be neutral and dirty, or bassy/trebly and clean) $80
                          Behringer Phaser $20 (or free if you buy two other pedals)

                          Have boxes for all. Papers for the ones that came with em.

                          CONUS Only.

                          I also like trades, offer me something. Worst I can do is decline, yadda yadda yadda.

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                            Agile PS100 $185 [COLOR="red"]SOLD

                            SX Thinline tele [COLOR="red"]SOLD

                            Fender Mustang II amp $140 [COLOR="red"]SOLD

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                              new in Allparts package - Danelectro six saddle adjustable bridge - $45 shipped/paypal gift within lower 48 US

                              Wilkinson Tremolo VSVGN model. This is currently in my '50's Strat, but I would like to go back to a traditional style trem on that guitar. This trem retails for $179 and is in near mint condition. $70 shipped/paypal gift within lower 48 US


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