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  • I do like April Spam said Sam I am!!

    Got something guitar-related that you need to sell? Post it here!

    All spam outside of this thread will be deleted.

    By popular demand:

    1) All spam outside of this thread will be deleted.

    2) Only one post per item per person. If you "update" your price and bump your post, YOU HAVE TO DELETE YOUR ORIGINAL POST.

    3) If you are a repeat offender you will be given a temp ban.

    4) Haggling and questions do not belong in this thread. If you have a question, send a PM to the person.

    5) Do not "quote" somebodies post with their huge photos in it. If you think they have nice gear, send them a PM.

    6) Do not criticize the price someone chooses to set for their gear. It's their gear, they can sell it for whatever they want. If the price is wrong, it won't sell, not your problem, let them worry about it.

    7) Only music related gear should be posted for sale here. If you have video games, iPods, or lawn mowers, post those in the classifieds forum, not here.

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    will list


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      - Guitar(ist) Posters
      20+ GW centerfolds/posters,perfect for jam/practice/music room.
      Instruments include Allman's SG,Steve Jones' LPC(2x),Corgan's Strat,J Winter's Firebird,Clapton's Blackie & Lennon's Ric.Artists include Yngwie,EVH,KISS,Metallica,Hendrix,Beck,G Lynch,Brian May(2x),Steve Stevens,Alex Skolnick,Page & Nuno Bettencourt.
      Also throwing in some old catalogs(Jackson,Marshall) & a couple of older Gibson posters(LP/Slash & Designer/Hendrix).
      Most are VGC,some show wear from being displayed.Beats having to shell out $10 or so each on eBay.
      Prefer not to separate,tho & Con US only.

      $32.50 shipped

      -USA 6-inline Grover Mini Tuners
      Nickle finish,1 mis-matched washer.

      $35 shipped

      -ART X-11 MIDI Controller w/pwr supply & 2 10' MIDI cables.Used cond,but still works fine...

      $35 shipped

      More to come...
      "Scalloped & Stickered"
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        Boss BF-3 Flanger - $55 shipped to lower 48 (like new with box - never used except to test out at home)

        Boss Tu-2 Tuner - $55 shipped to lower 48 (Very good condition, original box)

        Danelectro Cool Cat Drive CO-1 (first version) - $50 shipped lower 48 (Excellent condition, original box)

        Fender Blacktop Strat HH loaded pickguard (mint green) - $95 shipped lower 48 (Excellent condition, pulled out of my Blacktop Strat as I put on an HSS guard with new pups, pots, etc.)

        Tech 21 Trademark 60 footswitch AR3 - $60 shipped lower 48 (Excellent condition)
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          EHX Small Clone Chorus w/ EHX Power Supply $50
          MXR Dyna Comp $45
          BSIAB2 Distortion ***SALE PENDING***
          Morley ABY Switch $35

          Shipped CUSA w/ PP gift (or add 3%) OBO

          $100 (paypal gift) will get the Small Clone, Dyna Comp and Morley delivered to your door in the CUSA!

          Trade for Delay or Reverb?

          Added Pics here:



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            This is a pickup winder based on Jason Lollar's book and includes the guts salvaged from a Singer sewing machine with the foot pedal. Equipped with an electronic counter to make it easy to see how many turns you've made in the coil. It has never wound a pickup, mainly because my situation changed right after I completed it, but I tested it this evening and it still works.

            A few notes:

            1) The winder has a light right above the faceplate to make things easy to see. The On/Off switch for the sewing machine is located on the light housing. Above the shaft are a couple oiling holes for the bushings/bearings. You may occasionally have to help the winder start by nudging the flywheel or the faceplace, after which it runs just fine. The speed is regulated by the footpedal, letting you determine the winding speed. The black jig ply construction also probably helps see what's going on.

            2) This is equipped with a scatter assembly, although you could probably do better without using it. The motor to drive the cam is a bit underpowered, so it's not all that smooth, but you could easily replace it with a stronger motor. The leads are wired with wire nuts, making replacement very simple. You could also opt to make a heart shaped cam so that it spends more time in the middle of the coil than on the ends. From what I can tell, many people who have built these have ditched the guide and just position the wire by hand. The long arm sticking out from the front of it is the tensioner arm with a bit of felt on the end. Again, you could ignore it and do it by hand, or use a handclamp like it mentions in the book.

            3) The counter works great, driven by a switch and trigger mounted on the rotating shaft. The light switches control the operation of the counter. The first turns it off, basically resetting to zero when switched back on. The second determines the direction of the count, either up from zero or down from a number of turns. There's no way to set the initial number other than letting the machine run for a while and stopping when you get to the number you want to count down from, so you'd probably just start from zero. The third switch allows you to pause the counter, letting you run the winder or turn the shaft without disrupting the count, and it "unpauses" by switching it back.

            4) I've got a 2nd carriage that I was building out of left over parts. It could be part of the deal, or it could go to somebody else that wants a head start on a winder.

            I'm up for interesting trades or best reasonable offer.

            A few more pictures here.
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              eBook in the signature.

              Lulu Edition
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              Personal Guitars Mudroom Prototype #1

              Personal Guitars ES-Special

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              Kindle Edition
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                Budget Pedal Blowout. Buyer pays actual shipping. FREE STYROFOAM PEANUTS WITH PURCHASE.

                EHX Little Big Muff -- some wear, has seen stage time, velcro -- $55
                Boss OS-2 Overdrive/Distortion -- some wear, has seen stage time, velcro -- $35
                Danelectro Cool Cat Fuzz Version 1 (the one that was rumored to be a Peach Fuzz clone, now discontinued) -- ON HOLD
                BYOC Lazy Sprocket (Boss Slow Gear clone) -- ON HOLD
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                  Trace Elliot V-Type Bass Preamp $325 shipped
                  (stock photo) pics and info upon request

                  EQD Monarch $95 shipped <- SOLD
                  ADDED 4-3-12
                  McSpunckle VTF Gnomeratron - Crazy tweakable Muff.....has muff sounds, and around a million other various combinations...including gated and octave.
                  $140 Shipped SOLD
                  manual - http://nconspicuous.com/gnome/VTF%20Instructions.pdf

                  Fulltone Bass Drive MOSFET - $150 shipped SOLD
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                    I have a set of pickups from a MIM Strat, white covers. Make me an offer.


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                      speakers and pickups...

                      Reinhardt R65M-SC 16 ohms - $80 shipped and paypal'd
                      Weber 10f150-h 8 ohms 50 watts - $70 shipped and paypal'd
                      Pair of Gibson P-90's, black covers, I may have cream ones around. - $95 shipped and paypal'd

                      will consider any offers. pm me if interested.


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                        ESP Eclipse Acoustic Electric...on Ebay now, but will end auction early for forum members.

                        http://www.ebay.com/itm/140733979956?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p39 84.m1555.l2649


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                          FS/T: 1981 Fender Bullet - Made in the USA.

                          In good condition. A few dings, nicks and scratches, and some weather-checking & cracks in the paint. It's the original cream color with a v shaped maple neck. It's got single coil sized humbuckers: '59 bucker in the neck, and an SJBJ-1b JB Jr. in the bridge. It came to me with Seymour Duncan replacement pickups. I don't have the originals. Original Hard-shell Case.

                          The guitar sounds great.

                          $550 obo

                          More pics are available here.


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                            [COLOR="red"]*** WASHBURN WMI DLX Lite - $235 Shipped ***

                            Perfect. Plastic still on the PUP's. An awesome guitar - just too much overlap w/ a couple others I have. Shipped CONUS only. I am a Platinum trader here. PM me if interested.


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                            Nice ass Mrs. Woody.


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                              WTB- Tremolo pedal. Surf stuff friendly. Open minded as long as it sounds good.
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