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So I tried out for a band for the first time ever today.....


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  • So I tried out for a band for the first time ever today.....

    I know this is old hat to most here, but I have never played with a band before let alone tried out for one.

    Responded to an ad on CL. Established rock band looking for a guitarist. These guys are really good. The singer is ****************ing sick and the three have been playing together since the mid 80's. Anyway, I am not as good as them. I learned 4 songs for the try out:

    Judas Priest: Heading out to the highway
    Sabbath: NIB
    Foo Fighters: All my life
    Velvet Revolver: Slither

    First song we did was Priest. Amazing what nerves will do to you. I knew it cold but ****************ed up the intro 3 times. They were cool, told me to calm down and have fun. Then we nailed it. The singer did Halford proud. He was a beast, very impressive.

    I ****************ing hate the Foo Fighters, but made it through the song with a few mistakes. Slither I nailed. Sabbath was OK. Fairly easy song.

    In any event, I got the gig. These guys were so cool, just wicked nice and professional. They gave me the set list and we practice every weekend with the intent to play out by the end of summer. I am celebrating with a cold beer as we speak.

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        That's great! I miss playing with other people. Especially people who are cool and professional. Sounds like you found a great group.


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          I am so jealous.

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            Good job man...playing with other people as much as possible as early as possible is key. Take it from someone who learned that too late. Now get to the woodshed!

            ps-Dn't hate the Foo ;p
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              excellent~ congratulations! there is nothing more satisfying than putting yourself out in front of a bunch of impressive musicians and having them take you in. you should be damn proud. congratulations again! enjoy the **************** out of all that you're going to experience. and have fun. that's what it's all about, right?
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                Woo hoo! Congratulations!
                Hold mah beer an' watch this!


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                    I am so jealous.

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                      Nice..now you can really start learning. Congats.


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                        Playing out is where the fun starts my man. Good luck with it.
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                          Awesome ! have fun and kick ass! Dont look at athe crowd for your first gig, look above them, that helps lol
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                            Cool. You'll likely find playing in a band bumps up your skill level "quickly". Or, more appropriately, knocks you down a few pegs first ("hey, I can play this fine with the cd!"), and then forces you to step into the part, anticipate other players' cues, sit in the pocket, play in time, and just really fine tune your playing.

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                              ^^^^so true

                              Congrats! There is nothing quite like the first time you start a song and the dance floor fills! Awesome feeling. Maybe better than sex but not but close.
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