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Do you have a Gretsch Pro Jet or Duo Jet, and what kind of music do you play?


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  • Do you have a Gretsch Pro Jet or Duo Jet, and what kind of music do you play?

    Just curious.
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    I had one but traded it fast. Sounded great for rock (modern rock) but I hated the floating bridge.

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      The Power Jet is always on my dream list. All the Gretsch 'problems' treated on this one for full-on rock concerts.
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        Gretsch Duojet 6128T here.

        Fantastic tone! Horrible sustain and tuning stability (until really warmed up)

        I use the Gretsch for my original band because it just has "that" tone! But for the cover band I'm in, the gain of the pickups is too low. That is, even my SX Tele with a Jerry Donahue bridge has more gain than my Gretsch. So, I really don't have a backup that I could use with it

        Also, upper fret access is awkward for me. For some reason, my Epiphone Les Paul's upper frets seem easier to access than the Gretsch, both being single-cuts.

        Lastly, the sustain on the Gretsch isn't enough for the variety of rock songs we play.

        That all said, the Gretsch is still my #1. I did have a 5120 but I traded it for a Sterling AX40 which is now my #1 for the cover band.
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          I bought a Pro Jet about a year ago. Had a couple very minor issues so I got it very cheap. Still has the stock pickups but I dig them.
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            I have a 6128 TVP (Power Jet) and I play music like this

            Ok, in actuality I'm all over the place with what I play. The PowerJet is a great guitar and pretty versatile. The Powertrons pack quite a punch and have a big mid-range boost so they don't necessarily capture those classic Gretsch sounds and it wouldn't be my first choice as say a Rockabilly guitar but it will get the job done in a pinch.


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              I have a Gretsch Electromatic Jet, but it's not the Pro (which has the sometimes maligned "Gretschbuckers"). Mine instead is the "red-headed stepchild" of the 'Lectro Jets, a Special Jet:

              The Special Jet has single coil DeArmond 2000 pickups, which are designed to look and sound like Gretsch Dynasonics (or so I read, I've never played any of the old USA Gtretsches or even the newer MIJ ones). Anyhow, it does has a different character than a humbucker, more "Gretschy." Iirc forumite Sean from Blighty (Ratae C) also has one of these and has actually compared them to real DynaSonics and apparently they're indeed in the ballpark.

              Anyhow, I play everything from roots rock to contemporary Christian rock (in my church gig) to oldschool '70's style loud punk rock and roll.

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                I play blues/rock or jazz (poorly). It is a recent acquisition. I think you could play just about anything on it that required an electric guitar. Here is a short clip I made of some fiddling around I did. Might give you an idea. Amp setting and effects can make any guitar sound ... like an electric guitar "under the effects".
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