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Bob Taylor and the future of Ebony


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  • Bob Taylor and the future of Ebony

    saw this on TGP and thought it could use a repost here.

    i've never before said that i'm proud to own a certain brand, and i'm not much for brand loyalty. every company has their variances in quality, their miscues, and their controversies. my Taylor 414ce might even be on the lower end of the spectrum visually because it has some streaks in the top. but today, i'm proud to own a Taylor.
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    Awesome....! Great video. I'm going to take him at his word. This is the kind of honest and open marketing that just doesn't exist with certain other companies.

    Lay it out for people. Give them the facts as they stand, and allow consumers to make a choice based on education. I think that nearly everyone..knowing whats really going on will choose to make the ethical choice.

    I'm the biggest corporate bashing poster on HCEG, but I have huge respect for companies with leaders who DO understand the reality of what's happening on earth and are taking steps to remold their companies to be conscious and proactive about sustainability, and environmentalism.

    They are a small segment...but growing fast in all areas....it is the future.

    Spread this video people.


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      Brilliant. I'd rather have wood that sounds the same rather than wood that looks the same.

      I only wish that with all this extra wood around now Taylor guitars started getting a little cheaper

      It's amazing to think that 100yrs ago people were making desks and panelling rooms in rosewood and now there's not enough left for fingerboards. Something has to be done and it's good to see that Taylor have started.


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        I only wish that with all this extra wood around now Taylor guitars started getting a little cheaper

        if the wood was free, a mid end taylor would drop $100 in price at the most. wood is negligable in the total price of a guitar.

        ive always liked taylors videos. hes just "blunt" and you always learn something new.

        i didnt realise they actually just wasted trees and left them in the forest. id always imagined the "reject" wood would have just gone to other suppliers with lower colour demands. i guess for ebony, theres a very narrow market.

        so many ebony fretboards on comercial instruments are dyed these days, i dont think this decision to use the "b grade" logs is relevant at all to the guitar maker / buyer. quite relevant to the forest though.
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          Really good stuff there. Thanks, Howie!


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            I'm going to buy A Taylor as my next guitar


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              Great video. Respect.

              Thanks for posting.


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                I can respect those ideals. Wish we could see more guitar company presidents have the balls to make a change like that and announce it rather than making a change to their product without any explanation. I think it would go over much smoother amongst the players and critics.
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                  Blown.Away. This guy should run for President. Now, I want to support his company. Brave men with both vision AND the resourses to execute that vision are rare. He is one of them.
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                    Henry J would be rolling over in his grave if the son of a bitch would just die.


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                      Good video! Shows that environmental responsibility and capitalism can exist together.

                      Dying is a very viable alternative. The only way one could tell would be by cutting into it or doing a chemical analysis. I doubt that many companies are currently dying ebony. The ebony fretboard blanks I've gotten from Stew-Mac and LMI recently have not been dyed, and they have all been pure jet black. I can still buy pure black ebony billets from my local wood store, but I am also seeing more ebony with coloration. My prediction is that we will see more and more of the colored ebony, and the pure black stuff will demand a premium price.
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                        That is beautiful, man. The whole ****************ing thing; the wood, the man, the message, the company... I cannot wait to have one of these unwanted boards. Bob Taylor ladies and gentleman.
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                          Bob Taylor kicks ass.
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                            Great decision about the ebony.

                            Another great thing about Taylors - there aren't any made by slave labour in communist countries.

                            I like both of those things.
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                              It's a good thing Taylor is entrusted with 75% of the legal Camaroonian ebony market.
                              I'd hate for it to become a Brazilian rosewood situation again.