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    My wife hates when I leave the remains of guitar strings laying around the house. She especially hates it when they are embedded in the carpet waiting to puncture a bare foot. I personally loosen, then cut them near the end where they are all bent from the post. I throw out the "ends", and then coil the rest of the string tightly so they don't come unwound in the trash can and stick through the side of the bag. It's a skill only a guitar player could appreciate.

    Also, I change one string at a time, with the guitar still tuned. I feel this keeps the tuning, intonation, relief, etc relatively unaffected.


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      I unwind the strings, then cut the coiled ends after I remove them.
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        One of these is a must...

        why not just use the pair of wire cutters you've had for 20 years and buy the $2 winder instead?
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          I cut one at a time, with safety glasses on to save my corneas.
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            I usually just keep tuning up till they finally break.

            Am I doing it wrong?

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              why not just use the pair of wire cutters you've had for 20 years and buy the $2 winder instead?

              Those cheap $2 winders always fell apart on me quite quickly, and wire cutters might be needed elsewhere. One of these will last you quite a while and can be kept either in your case or with the rest of your guitar-specific tools.

              As far as the original question, I detune to take the tension off, then snip close to the nut. Leaves a long enough length to tie up and make it neat when you toss them, and leaves a long enough piece that you can easily take it out of the machine head.
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                ^^ when I was working at an auto shop installing hitches I had asked if I could get a pair of side cutters to aid in some wire snipping. Not one person out of probably ten knew what side cutters were..

                In my upbringing, they were always referred to as 'dykes', 'wire cutters' etc. I never heard the term 'side cutters' until I took a tech class.

                I guess our 'tech' in question never had enough eye injuries to make a lasting impression..


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                  I give my strings last rights and a final meal before cutting them off.

                  No, wait, I just cut them with my right hand, above the neck pickup, while my left hand holds the strings down (to keep them from flying about) near the 15th fret.


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                    I take them off in one piece. Either one at a time, or for deep cleaning , all get loosened and then removed after they are all loose .
                    Cutting them so they snap is mildly dangerous and makes for too fast a tension change.
                    And as hard as it is to disengage the G-String from the machine head, the way I lock them, it is better to fight with it than have string ends all over the place.
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                        i use a diabetic toe nail clipper

                        a.k.a. small dikes


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                          I loosen and cut
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                            Unwind then cut. I always cut up by the headstock.
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                              In my 44 years of playing I have never cut a string off. What's the point?
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                                Unwind 'till the tension has gone then side cutters 1" from the machine-head post, chuck the old strings in the bin, no point in keeping them as if they were any use I wouldn't be changing 'em.

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