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Is Brian Johnson perhaps the coolest rocker ever?


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  • Is Brian Johnson perhaps the coolest rocker ever?

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    Nah .
    Originally Posted by critter cam

    Hey! I resemble that remark!


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      Yes, and no.

      Or: Yes, but only because no.



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        Yes, and no.

        Or: Yes, but only because no.


        Hey that's Phil X!
        Originally Posted by critter cam

        Hey! I resemble that remark!


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          I was playing at a club in Sharon Ct. a few years back. In walks Brian Johnson and about 20 other people. Seems he was at a Racing school at a nearby track. Brian got up and sang Route 66, a tune from the first Stones album with us! Totally cool, humble guy. He blew the roof off the place!


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            seems like a great guy from that interview
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              Hey that's Phil X!


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                , I spent a year in a band he put together. Brian wrote all the songs, melody lines and music.

                He did not front the band, but was at every show and co produced all the music.

                He is the single nicest down to Earth megastar I've personally ever met. I've met a bunch of people over the years.

                Brian has a knack for making you feel like you are one of his long lost best friends upon first meeting him.

                Even though he didn't front the band, we would do shows with heavy radio promotion in what ever town we were in, and there would be mobs of screaming rabid fans there. One of the local stations was playing one or our songs on heavy rotation, and with the radio promotion there would be mobs of people there. We were cramming 2000 people in places that hold 500.

                Of course everyone already knew what was going to happen at the end of the show, which was, our encores consisted of Brian himself coming out and fronting as we did AC/DC covers.

                The dude never refused an autograph request and people would line up outside the door just to talk to him and meet him.

                The shows were some of the wildest "concert" musical events I had ever been too. I've been to thousands of shows, either playing in them or just watching.

                These were some of the best musical times of my life.

                Anyway we would finish a song, wait for the screaming to die down, Brian would bull**************** with the audience, then buy the whole place "a round for the lads"

                screaming would commence and we would go into another song.

                One cool note about Brian which we all dig was that he liked covering the Bon Scott stuff as much as His own stuff.

                The Brian Johnson part of the show was almost like a whole other concert because we usually played a good 15 or so AC/DC songs with him.

                I don't really have words to describe how nice Brian was to me and every single person I ever saw him interact with.

                It's like he knows he is a mega star, what has he sold, a hundred mlion records or so? but he wants you to join in and co star with him, whether you are in the band, or are serving drinks, or hanging out in the front row or working the door.

                It's like his life is a party, and everybody is invited and encouraged to share in his good time.

                Dude told alot of jokes too.

                I have a bunch of videos and a bunch of recorded stuff from that band.

                One day I'm going to make a thread and post all of it.

                Some of the songs were really quite good if you like AC/DC, which the band came close to sounding like, but with musical twists and differences you would expect a band that is not actually AC/DC to sound like.

                I'll see if I can load some stuff up and post some clips if anyone is interested.

                But I have the pleasure of knowing Brian pretty well, and I can verify how cool the dude is.

                Every good thing you have ever heard about him is true.

                And he LOVES sitting in with any bar band that will have him.

                He lives in Sarasota FL. and just about any working bar musician that plays within a hundred mile radius of where he lives and plays rock has a story about Brian jamming with them at one of their shows. He never hogged the ball or tried to make it about him. He was always respectful of the bands and made sure the bands were having as much fun as him and the audience.

                I've personally seen him in the Tampa Bay area jamming with at least fifteen or so different bands.
                Dude just loves to be on stage, any stage, bringing the party.

                Brian is one class act and one cool dude.

                I was a huge fan long before I got to work with him and I will remain a big fan of his, personally for the rest of my life, not to mention, I was already a HUGE AC/DC fan well before I met him.

                The Back in Black record came out and kicked my ass. I was 15 when that record came out and never in my wildest dreams thought I would be working with any of them.

                They were like Gods to me when I was a kid. I found out about 15 years later, that this musical icon, was just a regular fun loving nice guy, just like any other good person.

                Sorry about the babbling, but I LOVE to tell people how cool Brian is whenever it comes up.

                Super nice descent person.

                EDIT: I types this on my phone and I am way too lazy to go back and fix all the autocorrect type errors.

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                  Maybe. Caught him on "the metal show"? a few times. He is as cool, smart and down to earth as they come. Impossible to not be impressed by this guy, and AC/DC as a whole. They're mates, friends, and that's rare in a big rock act.

                  Whole band is cool. Brian just fit right in.
                  Originally Posted by GW348

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                    Cool interview, he seems like a genuinely nice dude. but Fox News? EWWWWWW! -Adam
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                      Cooler than this rocker? Doubtful...


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                        Another cool story Dave

                        Warms my heart to hear about people that make their living entertaining others whether it be musicians, athletes or actors actually recognizing that fact and not being some kind of jerk because they think they are better that the poor slob who just paid half a weeks wages to go see them for a few hours. Seems like there are a few good ones around
                        Originally Posted by Frets99
                        I held one note through the whole thing and grimaced like I was being taken from behind by a camel.....

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                          You make him sound cooler than Django. I am sure it's just an error.
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                            not really, but im sure hes a cool dude IRL.

                            didnt he write a broadway musical recently?

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                              Very cool, but I wouldn't go that far. Hell, even sticking to the same band, I feel Bon was cooler (as well as a better vocalist and frontman.) Just personal opinion of course.
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