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Does anyone have a Pine guitar body?


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    I'm doing one made outa Southern yellow raht nao. It's a blem body and I haz a blem neck for it as well as a bunch of cheap or free stuff. My goal is to do a Franklin Tele (less than a hunnert bucks) I have everything I need now and it's gonna be 92 bucks total. I'll post pics tonite after I get done sanding the filler.


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      Very nice looking body...who made it?

      Marc Rutters - www.ruttersguitars.com
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        I have a LSL T-bone with a sugar pine body.

        I played a pine LSL a month or so ago - REALLY nice guitar. Also played a bunch of alder or ash Teles that day. Some sounded brighter/darker/better/worse than others. I couldn't really find a correlation with the wood. Too many other variables. The pine, however, was substantially lighter than the ash or alder guitars and sounded killer.
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          The Fender Broadcasters were made of pine

          Pine is good tonewood and it looks great too!

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            Killer looking!


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              Marc Rutters - www.ruttersguitars.com

              Wow, i had no idea where Rutters Guitars was. Just figured out...i live 15 minutes away from the place. Gonna go there in person.


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