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  • Auerbachs guitars slideshow
    "When war becomes the most profitable course of action, we can certainly expect more of it.” -Chalmers Johnson

    "I've got a 1968 non-reverse firebird I (2 p90s), and the sound of that thing through a fender amp is chewy and delicious....thick yet snappy."- bad mutha-humpa

    "I'd like to tit **************** her in the ass." - Tourette's Guy

    "Toto is the essence of all that is good. Take me to Tototown" - College girl

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    Cool, thanks for sharing. I hadn't seen some of those before.
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    Originally Posted by Blackface

    I'm not biased or anything, but everyone should think what I think.

    Originally Posted by fly_with_v

    Read, judge, and keep it to yourself, no one cares.