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Paypal finally caught on to the "gift" deal


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  • Paypal finally caught on to the "gift" deal

    I went to send some money today using the "gift" option on Paypal and saw a surprise. They now have a box that is checked that you pay the fee. Or you can uncheck it and the receiver pays the fee. First I have noticed it, but I thought I'd give a geads up to those that are used to buying and selling to get around their fees. I was wondering how long that was going to take. I guess a few years of no fees was pretty good.
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    Sender always paid the fee with gift.
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      Sender always paid the fee with gift.

      Yup. It was never fee-free (unless it was to a charity). Sender always paid the fee on a gift (and lost any ability to get their money back if a deal went bad).


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        As far as I know in Europe, the Paypal gift option is free if it comes from a bank account, but there is a fee if a credit card is used
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