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Saving a Copy of a Youtube Video? Possible or no?


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  • Saving a Copy of a Youtube Video? Possible or no?

    So I have a video (linked in the past) of my playing with some folks, and I want to save a copy. But it's not my Youtube Account, and I don't have the original file.

    What I'd like to do is be able to get the audio portion onto my IPod at some point.

    I'm open to suggestions, I'm old school and never got music off the computer so when it comes to doing things like this I'm woefully out of date tech wise?

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    I've used this in the past to get youtube videos. Just paste the address of teh you tube video in the web app and allow it to download and you have the video in a flv file that can be played by things like VLC


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      A couple suggestions:

      Ant Video Downloader for Firefox will allow you to D/L the Video


      Audio Hijack to record the audio


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            Firefox and this addon. Only thing I have trouble with are "brightcove" hosted videos and Silverlight streams (as they're frequently encrypted and sent over a non-standard protocol). Youtube, Dailymotion, and Metacafe all work. Once you install it, you can click on the icon to bring up a list of sites that work and how well they do.

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              I've been using the DownloadHelper add-on for Firefox for years. It gives you the option of which size vid you want, too - since YouTube does a browser and OS check.

              I use this, by the way, because I am not always on a connection that allows for smooth playback.

              Then, to strip out the audio, open the downloaded vid in Audacity and there ya go,



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                Downloadhelper in firefox. It will also download and convert simultaneously into other formats including audio.
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                  I use the YouTube Downloader/Converter. It'll download the video and it will also let you convert it to MP3 audio format.

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                    Jdownloader. Everything else is a joke
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                      Don't get much easier.. I put songs in my MP3.


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                        I've just been using real player to get the job done. It can download the video and then convert it to whatever you're after, video or just audio. For being free it certainly doesn't suck.
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                          I just play the video and record the sound onto a stereo track in my recording software. That way I can futz with it before exporting it to mp3.


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                            Try http://www.dvdvideosoft.com/

                            It's not only a YouToob downloader, it's a very useful software suite. And it's totally free and legal. You may find one of its other features useful besides your primary goal. I certainly did. Rips YouToob in fair quality as well, which is a problem I came across in a lot of other programs and sites - ripping at sub 128k.

                            Hope this helps, amigo.
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                              Don't get much easier.. I put songs in my MP3.

                              This is incredibly quick and easy. i just used it and it tooks a couple of minutes to have two mp3's saved already.
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