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What would you call your level ?


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  • What would you call your level ?

    - beginner
    - intermediate
    - advanced
    - pro

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    My skill and knowledge level are between intermediate and advanced but I do play in working cover bands so I guess by definition that would make me a pro.....but IMO, being able to play the opening licks to Sweet Home Alabama and Sweet Child o Mine doesn't automatically put one a a "pro" level so.....hell if I know.....
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      I'm a 35th level ninja dragon master GOD of participating in silly meaningless polls.

      Dude? Are you bored?

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        Pro is slightly misleading, since that covers everything from the Beastie Boys and Nirvana to Satriani and Vai. On the one comparison I'm great and on the other I'm a beginner. Some points of reference may help.
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          Proudly intermediate.
          Originally Posted by csm

          You get a limited-edition self-relic'ing guitar at no extra cost and you're COMPLAINING?

          [Insert religious affiliation political party and or spiritual belief here]

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            although others OFTEN use terms like "sublime", "ethereal", or "God-like" to describe my playing, i think of myself a little more humbly. To me, my music simply gives people a reason to get out of bed int the morning; to keep on living.


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              I'm a 35th level ninja dragon master GOD of participating in silly meaningless polls.

              Dude? Are you bored?

              I don't know, seems a legitimate question of curiosity to me about other forum members.

              Personally, I ticked intermediate but could have ticked advanced too but really, I'm probably somewhere in-between. While I have no aspirations to be a "pro" per se, I am teaching guitar at the moment, whatever that means.
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                Hack that civilians mistake for pro.
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                  Intermediate I guess. Although, technically it's pro since I've been paid to play. I'm not a good enough guitar player to say advanced though.
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                    I put intermediate. I've been playing over 20 years, used to play in a variety of bands, and I still play virtually every day. There's just so much to learn, and I know I'm not nearly on the level of my "heroes." I'd say I reached the level where I know how much I don't know. I do an occasional gig here and there if it comes up, but certainly not making money with it right now.
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                      I make money by playing guitar, so I voted "pro." Doesn't mean I'm really any good, though
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                        I would call myself "advanced" although by no means without limitations or a complete player.

                        Guitar is tough to judge. Some players have pushed the bar incredibly far with technical playing. But I think you can be well short of that and still be an advanced player.
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                          beginner- intermediate somewhere...I think...maybe.


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                            I would say intermediate. I played "pro" for several years and still gig occasionally, but I still consider myself an intermediate player with ambitions to be better.
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                              I was going to say intermediate but some good gigging guys have bagged that, so I guess I am not.

                              Beginner, after 6 years?
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