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Tone pot in Gibson Explorer

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  • Tone pot in Gibson Explorer

    I bought some new pups (MHD), 2 x push pull volume pots, a CTS 550k tone pot and an Aerovox cap for my Explorer. I had a tech Plek the guitar and install all the new electronics. Someone has picked the guitar up for me and I haven't played it yet but reports are good.

    However the tech didn't replace the original tone pot with the CTS 550k. I called him and asked why. He told me he didn't replace the tone pot as it would make no difference putting the CTS 550k pot in. I was trying to add some cut to the guitar and clean some mud when played through my Mesa DR.

    I think the original tone pot is a 500k. Maybe the 550k CTS is better quality too. Should I take it back and make him put the CTS 550k pot in as I originally requested? Would it make a difference?
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    He's gonna change it even though he says the pot from Martin Six String Customs is the same as the original.
    '76 Explorer, R7, '60 CS Strat
    JMP100 MV, Mesa DR, Roland JC60
    4 x 12 JCM900, 4x12 Recto


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      CTS makes a 550K pot? That's news to me.

      Gibson pots are made by CTS. The difference between 500K and 550K is within the 10% tolerance range. Hell, I'm willing to bet your stock pot reads 520K or so on a meter. At that point the difference will be slightly less than the slight difference between the actual specs.
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        he should have just told you he replaced the pot and you'd never know.

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