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My house got robbed!


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  • My house got robbed!

    On Tuesday night I went into my house to find intruders in my house who were in the process of robbing my house. I was held at gunpoint and my jaw was broken before I was tied with tape to the floor. I'm OK, now, though, and I hope the intruders get found soon. They didn't wear masks or gloves so they left a million prints in the house and all that. My cat is also OK.

    The amazing thing was how crappy the robbers were. They didn't take any of the electronics, the iMacs or guitars or speakers or anything, and were really sloppy. They didn't take any of my stuff, only taking a little bit of cash and some weed plants, legally registered plants, too, so we called the cops right away. And they took the plants! Which probably died quickly because who takes plants anyway!

    Anyway, my mouth will be sealed shut for the next five weeks or so and I'll be forced to have a liquid diet. I also had a concussion, but other than that, I'm fine. It'll take more than that to bring this guy down. <3 everyone!
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    Holy crap man, glad you're alright! Way to troop through it too, much mojo sent.
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        I'm very sorry! Godspeed on your recovery and their capture.
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          ****************! I hate that you had to go through that.

          I'm glad you're all right, but...****************!
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              I am sorry to hear that. Good thing you were not more seriously injured. I hope you recover quickly.

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                **************** **************** ****************... Man glad your OK but that **************** sucks... Sounds like they were a bunch of moron thugs! So stupid they are bound to get caught and hopefully get some hard time for their stupidity... ****************************s!
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                  Thank God they didn't waste you! It's still unfortunate that you were hurt. Something like this can be a life altering event. You and your roommates may not feel safe there for a very long time if at all. I know I was pretty traumatized when someone tried to break into my home.

                  I'm definitely glad the cat is alright. I've done volunteer work with abused and abandoned cats and that is one thing that makes me furious.

                  P.S. Check into an alarm system. It won't stop a pro, but it'll probably stop a 2 bit thug.
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                  Originally Posted by Mike Eldred, Fender Custom Shop

                  The discussion about nitro (and many things on forums like these) is largely based on folklore, innuendo, and assumption that it "sounds better". Poppycock.


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                    Damn druggies!

                    Hang in there. Sign up for basic ADT system. About $40/mo.
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                      Guns are looking pretty appealing lately....just saying....
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                        damn that soaks.
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                        Originally Posted by Django Sentenza

                        Watch out, there are some terribly bothersome trolls around here.


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                          Holy crap! Mojo sent.


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                            Leave it to stoners to be so dumb they don


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                              ****************, I thought this was a joke for a second. Get well soon man, that beyond sucks.
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                              I wouldn't recommend them for metal, but then I also wouldn't recommend playing metal.

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                              When you've founded an entire branch of science dedicated to quantifying taste, get back to me.