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Whats the most you'd spend on a guitar online without trying it out first?


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  • Whats the most you'd spend on a guitar online without trying it out first?

    No returns other than if damaged during shipping.

    I'm considering dropping some cash on an explorer but I'm a little nervous. The thing is beautiful (to me) but who knows if it needs any work done. (set up, pickup swap)
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    Originally Posted by donnie_combat

    G&L's are the most un creative stupid pieces of crap on the planet. if you want something decent and real go for fender~

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    Nothing. I would not buy *anything* online under those terms. There is no need to and I be concerned that the seller doing that has something to hide.

    I have spent around 2.5k on a guitar online from a decent retailer though.


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        $2200 b/c I've done it.
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          $500 is the most I ever spent sight unseen. Turned out really well though, not that I'd do it again.


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            I would never buy a guitar without playing it first. Never.


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              I'd go to about $1200 but would ensure that if I didn't like it, could flip it easily without a loss. Did I mention flip it easily without a loss?
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                My most is around 1400 or so. Used guitar.

                I don't base it on cost though. I base it on the brand's reputation for quality and consistency.

                It's somewhat relative to price with the guitars I like to buy. So in actuality the MORE I would spend, the LESS nervous I would be. Because the guitars I like that are pricey...have impeccable reputations. Literally.


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                  $925. It was for a gibson les paul 60s tribute goldtop. I got lucky... not sure if I'd do it again...
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                    so far.. $2600... it's the only guitar i've bought without playing it first

                    edit... i bought the suhr s1 unseen too.... but it cost less that that


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                      With no return policy? It would either have to be a crazy good deal (as in I could part it out and break even or turn a slight profit) or I wouldn't buy it if there was no return policy.
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                        Got Funk?

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                          Wouldn't do it.


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                            $1500 is the most i've spent on a guitar i did not play first.
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                              My wife bought me a Hendrix VooDoo Strat in the $900 range from Musicians Friend about ten years ago. Awesome guitar. Love my wife.