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GPOTD - 8.11.12 - Weekend Edition

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  • GPOTD - 8.11.12 - Weekend Edition

    Year: 1956
    Manufacturer: Gibson
    Model: Les Paul TV Special
    Case: None
    Condition: Excellent
    Description: Serial # 611940. Great looks, great tone, lightweight, and about as good as it gets for P-90 fans. The Limed Mahogany TV finish was used on the Specials and Juniors throughout the pair
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    Custom Wired Strat Pickguard Assemblies - PM me to discuss specs & pricing

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      Again, I'm uncomfortable with the price, but yeah... I'd rock the hell out of that!
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        Si se
        Originally Posted by VÃ****ctor

        ..Si te separas, espero que no, avÃ****same podÃ****amos vivir juntos, eso si, sin mariconeo...

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          Very nice!
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            I like that a lot.


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              Hot, but expensive.
              Hold mah beer an' watch this!


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                Obvious Chinese-made fake is obvious.
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                  I'll take it. I'll take two!


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                      Extra nice.
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                        Very much would.
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                          I'd be wary of such an old guitar with such little playing time.
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                            awesome. I even like the price.

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                              I like the look in general. Not a big fan of the wraparound bridge. I really doubt I'd be the guy to buy a collectible vintage guitar unless there was a good story behind it. And even then it's got to be played.
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