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NGD - Another Partscaster

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  • NGD - Another Partscaster

    Pics below, here's the specs:

    - MIM body
    - Mighty Mite neck (ebony board)
    - Gotoh Floyd (OFR nut)
    - DiMarzio Evolution 2 (bridge) and Evolution (neck) with a Fender Am.Std middle
    - Warmoth PG
    - Gotoh tuners

    Body and neck were sprayed by a friend.

    Apologies for the crappy pics. All I have is a crappy camera.

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    Sweet, other than the Floyd I love it!
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      I dig it! Almost everything about it, in fact. Visually, I prefer an H/S/S look even if the neck is a SC-sized HB but that's a minor quibble.


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        Wow, that's sweet, Happy New Partscaster Day


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          Very, very nice. Love the color.
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              Surfy likes partscasters and yours is fantastic!
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                Looks great. Thought you were more of a traditional guy, not the heavy hardware type.


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                  No offense but that guitar is hideous.


                  Cool guitar. Congratulations.


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                    Cool look! On a strat I prefer either the original style bridge or a hardtail set up. Still, I like the look!

                    I have some questions since I'm contemplating a build...

                    How do you like the MightyMite neck?

                    What type of finish did you use (poly, nitrocellulose, other)?

                    Did you consider other bodies than a MIM?
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                      I like it! HNGD
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                        I rate this like.

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                          That thing is badass! Especially love that color too. HNGD!
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                            Congrats there comes satisfaction from picking the parts for a project such as that and assembling it yourself.
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                              I rate this like.

                              You do anything with that neck yet? lol

                              Thanks for all the positive comments everyone!