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Good neck pickup to go with a Super Distortion?


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  • Good neck pickup to go with a Super Distortion?

    I'm thinking about doing some pickup swapping and the options I'm considering for the bridge are the Dimarzio Super Distortion or Tone Zone. The Dimarzio website doesn't have any suggestions for a neck pickup to go with the Super Distortion...

    Anybody have any suggestions for a neck pup? I'm looking for something nice and fat, but not muddy in an alder H-H Tele.

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    you could pair anything with it really. i'd go with either an Anniversary PAF or an Air Norton.
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      I currently have a SuperD -air Norton set in one of my guitars with a maple cap. Sounds great. The basic Norton is also one of my fav neck pups.


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        I went with an Air Norton and I've been very happy with my choice for the past three years.


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          Another Super D!
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            Air Norton = WIN.

            I have a guitar with the Air Norton at the neck and an EVO2 at the bridge and it's a nice combo.
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              PAF Pro or an SH-2.
              I had a SuperD paired with an SH-2 in a Les Paul
              it was one good pairing.
              No fighting,
              no calling names
              just lovely tones
              Roll off the SuperD a bit and it cleans up real nicley.
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                Another Super D!

                This, so simple and good.
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                  The Air Norton is a killer neck pickup!!!
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                    I did consider another Super D, but it says they don't like high gain in the neck. Is mud an issue with one in the neck?
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                      Air Norton or Paf Pro both would work great.


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                        Air Norton or PAF Pro
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                          It's always seemed like a good idea to me to get another of the exact same bridge pickup, put it in the neck, and just wire it in parallel. I'd think they would match up well tonally? Never actually tried it though.


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                            Paf pro + super distortion is an awesome combination. Do it.
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                              you could pair anything with it really. i'd go with either an Anniversary PAF or an Air Norton.

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