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Have U ever scratched a Guitar at Guitar Center and walked away?


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  • Have U ever scratched a Guitar at Guitar Center and walked away?

    Just sayin...
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    No. It's actually been the other way around for me at Gee Cee, at least twice.

    It's been a while, but, I've been ripped and/or stabbed by overly long needle-sharp string ends, and as bad as I've ever been ripped by string ends at any time, there in the store when handling guitars by the headstock. In both cases, the reason that I wasn't expecting the "surprise" string end was that all the other (larger) strings on the guitar were neatly and properly trimmed except for a single offending high-B or high-E that protruded out just perfectly at some odd angle so as to not be particularly obvious -- until it stabbed / ripped me. A quick glance at the headstock beforehand showed it to have nicely trimmed strings and safe to grab. WRONG!

    In both cases these were used guitars. In both cases, I complained to a store clerk. Only in one case did a store clerk trim the excess string protruding out.


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      LOL. I did it once at Ed Romans. Hand slipped and the bottom of a high end Gibson hollowbody cracked into the metal of a Fender tilt back amp. Left a nasty scar. I was like (make a whistling noise) and I skipped out of there......if Ole Ed was alive I'd confess my sin to him.
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        No, but I've been witness to some big bumbling buffoon who was trying out guitars and bumping every one he touched into something (mostly the guitars hung next to them). It was painful, like being forced to listen to someone scratching a chalkboard. I had to walk away.
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          this one time, i accidentally 23 les pauls
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            If it was a relic, who'd know?
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              Haha, not really. I'm pretty short, so I often have to ask for help to put guitars back on the wall or even get them down. At some shops, the second tier is too high for me to grab a guitar without endangering it. Also, I'm really careful when I have them on the floor. The only time I don't feel nervous is if I have my own guitar there to try amps.
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                I have never damaged a guitar in a store. I did point out 'wear' to the builder of a very expensive acoustic guitar that was for sale in a store one time. This store was 'uppity' under the guise of 'laid back and relaxed' where people were encouraged to play the guitars. After I showed the wear to the builder of the guitar, she spoke with the guy running the store (while I was right there 4 feet from them) who then took opportunity to twice accuse me of damaging guitars in his store.

                I suppose this accusation was all based upon the fact that he had seen my guitar which was 25 years old at the time (and 10 years old when I got it showing significant wear) and the fact that he was now looking for a scapegoat or at least someone to put part of the blame on since the builder mentioned it to him. I really thought "dude...I was the one who pointed that out and I have never touched that guitar with a pick in my hand". Anyway, on the evening of the second accusation I said "listen - I have never marked up a guitar that I didn't buy". I proceeded to buy 2 guitars (one, a high end guitar that he dealt in) from another source within 2 years of that.

                That guy was an idiot.
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                  No-But honestly is anyone really going to call out for a salesman to report any accidental damage they inflicted lol.


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                    I once scratched my crotch in a Guitar Center
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                      I try really hard not to bump the guitars but some stores hang them up there so close together that it's hard to avoid it.


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                        I try really hard not to bump the guitars but some stores hang them up there so close together that it's hard to avoid it.

                        Everytime I put one back I feel like I'm playing Operation.
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                          Everytime I put one back I feel like I'm playing Operation.

                          Now I'll think about this every time.
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                            no, but who keeps stealing switch tips and knobs?

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                              No, but I worked in retail and saw many episodes. The most epic one was a guy trying a Tele, then putting it back on the hook. The guitars were close together at a 45 degree angle to the wall, and I'm sure that we all know that a Tele headstock is not made for hooks. As the client walked away the guitar twisted and fell, taking out the next one, and the next one, and the next.....

                              All told 9 Teles hit the floor. He just kept walking.
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