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  • GPOTD - 10.5.12

    Year: 2012
    Manufacturer: Paul Reed Smith PRS
    Model: SC 58 Artist Package Rosewood Neck
    Case: Original Hard
    Color: Faded Blue Jean
    Condition: Brand New
    Description: This PRS Artist Package has been updated with exceptional tone woods including an (optional) artist grade quilted maple top, (optional) East Indian Rosewood Neck, select mahogany back, V12 finish is standard, premium Mexican Ebony fingerboard, Ebony headstock veneer with inlaid signature, and Ebony truss rod cover. This is the first time outside of the Private Stock program that PRS is offering Mexican Ebony. Take note of the extraordinary graining on this particular piece of Mexican Ebony on the fretboard, the nicest we have seen! New artist bird inlays are green abalone with green ripple outlines on Ebony fretboards. The upgraded Indian Rosewood Neck has a "Pattern" neck profile, 22 frets and 24 1/2" overall scale length. Also standard are a pair of 57/08 pickups which are truly amazing, warm, toneful pickups with tremendous note bloom, articulation and must be heard to be believed. They clean up beautifully when rolling off the volume & will cover the tonal spectrum with authority! Hardware is a hybrid gold/nickel which compliments the color beautifully. Comes with an Artist hardshell case.

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    Love the neck, love the fretboard grain, the birds aren't too bad... I have no doubt I'd get along just fine with the guitar and the pickups.

    The top would have to go. I'd literally rather have a matte black finish than that quilted blue monstrosity.

    I'm usually not into blingy tops and PRS is among the worst. I can deal with flame more than quilt but man... to my eyes... it's like someone said, 'Let's see how outlandish we can make this guitar' and this was the result.
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      If you stare at that top long enough and blur your eyes a little bit, you'll start to see the image of a sailboat.
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        I usually like blue guitars but blue quilt maple is one of my LEAST favorite look. Too much like the bottom of a pool. The rest of the guitar is very attractive and no doubt a helluva nice instrument.
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          Embodies everything I dislike about PRS guitars.


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            Most definitely would. I like it.


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              Everything except the top. As it is, it looks like they took a quality PRS out to be finished by the local high-school woodshop.
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                I little gaudy for my taste, but still cool. I'd play it.
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                  Love EVERYTHING about it except the top. Such an outragious quilt should have a more subtle color.

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                    I'm not into the quilt top, but the specs are very nice. I'd play it, and probably love it, but I don't think I'd choose that finish.
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                      I actually like the quilt top and the interplay between the blue and brown/orange. Very nice guitar.
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                        Ewwwwwwwwww...I'm sea-sick from that quilt
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                          Kill it with fire!
                          I don't care how good it plays or sounds.
                          It's too damn ugly and ostentatious to exist.


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