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Why Does Everyone Hate Nickelback?


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  • Why Does Everyone Hate Nickelback?

    Seeing Mark Tremonti on the front page of Harmony Central got me thinking about Creed, and since in my mind Creed and Nickelback are the same band, and everyone seems to hate them, I wonder... why?

    They seem to sound exactly like bands like Three Days Grace and Linkin Park, both groups that don't seem to get as much hate as Nickelback. So what is it about them that's so hateful?

    I don't particularly like the aesthetic of that sort of rock, but I don't think I hate them (though the jokes are funny sometimes).
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    Because they were responsible for the Trail of Tears


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      who knows, who cares - at a certain point you grow up and realize its ok to like a band, and if someone wants to joke about it - give 'em the finger!


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        Americans secretly hate Canadians.


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          I had to go take a look because I didn't have much of a thought on them one way or another.

          Found this amusing vid

          Nice enough sound. It reminds me of some other acts, listening to this, but at 6:45 AM, my brain won't tell me who I'm thinking of.

          The band that's popular that I don't get is the one that Ms. G Paltrow is hooked up with. Yeah, you know, what's their name

          more coffee now

          edit: Oh yeah, "Cold Play". What's the deal with that?
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          Well Dick, it's got a good beat, and I could dance to it, so I give it a 10!
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            Americans secretly hate Canadians.

            its a secret
            Originally Posted by OverDriven

            That is probably the single most ****************ed up thing I've ever seen posted on HCAF. Congrats.

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              because they are terrible
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                Americans secretly hate Canadians.


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                  I think you're right on that aesthetic is boring, old, and was played-out by 1980. I dunno I've never found any of their music to be catchy or inspirational. Just sort of a white noise rock sound. It's hard to avoid, seems to be on everywhere all the time. That's where the rage comes from.

                  I just looked at some of their videos for the first time to give them another chance. Still, no likey.
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                    Why does the sun rise?
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                      Because the hip kids(read nerds with no lives that use musical taste as some sort of personal label) and the sheep that desperately want to be part of the in crowd that follow them have determined it is cool to hate Nickelback, and it is the opposite of cool to like them.

                      The main reason is because nickelback came out hard and heavy and fans dug them, then they releases a couple of sappy ballads and mode a ton of money and became this huge, massively produced band that a lot of the early fans viewed as sellouts.

                      Why Nickelback has become the pistachios for this sort of hatred as opposed to the hundreds of other bands that do the exact same thing and get away with it with far less criticism, Im not really sure. Maybe timing, maybe just the perfect storm of this particular band getting so huge so fast with massive sounding big budget production with songs that sound very formulaic, almost too contrived for the sole purpose of selling as many units as possible which a lot of people associate with cheese, along with a healthy sprinkling of media coverage of the lead singer, some of the douchey things he has said, who he dates, amd the big deal the poparrazi has tended to make over him at times, maybe it was all these things happening at the perfect time together which made nickelback the modern day go to band to despise. You know, if you buy into what the cool kids are telling you which bands to like and which ones to hate.

                      Personally, I don't hate them, don't love them, they are not really my thing but what they are to me, is a really good band with some pretty cool songs, a massively produced overall sound and a very diverse wide range of heavy type music, usually executed as we'll as about anyone else out there doing it, so yeah, just based on music alone, as a band, musically, it makes no sense that a band that good should be that hated.

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                        i just don't like their music. i wouldn't go out of my way to piss in mr kroegers cheerios like some people though
                        Originally Posted by OverDriven

                        That is probably the single most ****************ed up thing I've ever seen posted on HCAF. Congrats.

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                          They're in that category of "generock" for me - a little too poppy and slick for my taste, and their songs kind of of blend together, but I can see why they have hits. It's just kind of bland for my taste. I do appreciate that it's not easy writing a catchy 3 minute tune, regardless of genre, and they do what they do pretty well. There are lots of bands whose music doesn't do much for me, but lots of people love. It's okay, it's a big world.
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                            i don't hate them, they just remind me of a modern day AC/DC in the fact that ALL of their music starts to sound the same after a while...
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                              I think I'm qualified to answer this as I do hate them myself.

                              They are a faux heavy band.
                              They try to sound heavy and come across like Winger meets Billy Ray Cyrus.
                              I like commercial music when it's good and isn't pretending to be something else.

                              Smug faced, hackneyed, cowboy outfits, humourless, sexless, dirtless, lyrically banal, and truly as heavy as REO Speedwagon.

                              I disagree with bands being bottled off stage but the youtube clip of Nickelback getting it has entertained me a few times.