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    NPODW >> New POD Week!
    Last week I was lucky enough to run across a 2006 Line 6 PODxt Live for sale on CL. It is in excellent working condition. All metal construction, expression pedal, 128 memory slots, a pile of amp models and effects, even more downloadable. It was in it's original box with cables, power supply, and manual. I am going to have fun figuring it out.

    NFOGD >> New Fugly Old Guitar Day! (Project)
    I saw this mid 80s Martin Stinger SRX (made in Korea I think) with OHSC on my local CL on and off for the last 6 months. Every few weeks the price drops... $200, $175, $150, $100, it hit $75. I actually felt sorry for it. I got it for $50.

    UPSIDE: The neck looks straight, the frets are in good order, the tuners work (don't know if they hold tune), The bridge needs cleaning, and only a couple of minor dings.

    DOWNSIDE: It is definitely a project: Missing nut, bad wiring, broken pot, broken switch, missing a neck screw, no back access covers, supposedly the pickups work (who knows), and a hideous FACTORY paint job (see the pic, What was Martin thinking? Eh... it was the 80s).

    I called Martin about info and parts. The rep almost laughed. They didn't even track serial numbers let alone hang on to parts. So I am on my own there.

    The questions are...
    Do I keep it as original as possible?
    Do I gut and repaint it or just restripe it silver?
    Do I mod the hell out of it?

    Oh... and if you have any info on it, please pass it along. Thanks!
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    Double congrats! I would leave that Martin in all it's hideous 80's glory. It's a sight to behold. And the way my kids are taking to neon, it will be pretty hip in a year or so.
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      Looks like fun!
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        Keep it as it is! That thing is so ugly that it's awesome!
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        Originally Posted by GreatDane

        the player plays, but the instrument should inspire.


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          I would do a rewire. Dimarzio has pink, blue, or pink/black humbucker pickups. If you're gonna go 80's, go all the way!
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            I saved this Peavey from CL a couple of weeks ago for $20, slapped in some old Gotoh humbuckers I also paid $20 for, blocked the Floyd and I love it! Thought about a refin but I've got enough pretty guitars. Leave it!

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