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So, who's gone pickless: playing electric with fingers?

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  • So, who's gone pickless: playing electric with fingers?

    I recently started playing electric with my fingers and realized not only is the tone awesome but I can actually play my licks without a pick. things like hammerons are sounding okay for fast runs and intuitively I'm using my thumb more. Anyone experience this?

    I'm playing and diggin my Sheraton II's tones better than with a pick.I still play with a pick for metal and such but for blues and roots rock it's fingers all the way.
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    I have been working on chickin pickin for the past few years and have recently stopped using a pick. I have had roughly the same results. Loving the tone but working on speed. It's nice not needing a pick when there isn't one to be found.
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      i like playing w/o a pick, however i find myself using hybrid picking more often.
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        I rarely use a pick. Saves nails when strumming, otherwise I usually prefer fingers.


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          I use my fingers almost exclusively. If I am cranking the gain I will use a pick, but that is really the only time.


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            I usually play without a pick. My thumb and 3 fingers are much better at picking out arpeggio progressions than I am with a pick. Exceptions are strumming, rapid alternating picking songs like Misirlou or Thunderstruck, and lately I've been grabbing a pick a bit more when I really want the dynamics that come from digging in hard with a pick. But still, 90-something percent of the time, I just use my finger nails. But it was taking classical guitar lessons back in '97 that got me firmly entrenched as a finger picker.
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              I use my fingers when I play slide.


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                Haven't gone completely pickless, but use the fingers only when doing anything Knopfler-esque.
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                  I like to switch between fingers and the plectrum, and sometimes hybrid picking.
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                    I have done a few videos where I'm only playing fingerstyle, but I need to work out some dedicated fingers-only licks, so that it's not just a different tone but a totally different technical approach as well.



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                      Quote Originally Posted by GAS Man
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                      I usually play without a pick. My thumb and 3 fingers are much better at picking out arpeggio progressions than I am with a pick. Exceptions are strumming, rapid alternating picking songs like Misirlou or Thunderstruck, and lately I've been grabbing a pick a bit more when I really want the dynamics that come from digging in hard with a pick. But still, 90-something percent of the time, I just use my finger nails. But it was taking classical guitar lessons back in '97 that got me firmly entrenched as a finger picker.

                      Same here- took classical lessons for a couple years and even though I have a boatload of pics, I almost never have one in my hand.
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                        mostly have a pick but mostly for hybrid
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                          I think that invariably, you learn to use your fingers because they are there and many times, picks are not.

                          I must admit though, I started on acoustic and did a lot of finger picking which has influenced my electric playing. Each have there place.
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                            I play without picks pretty often and enjoy doing it, but it's not my main thing. I'm probably 90% picks, 10% fingers. I would say I'm far from an expert, but comfortable enough with my fingers that I can get by and do what I need to do if there isn't a pick around. It's great fun, and great for breaking out of ruts.

                            I think a lot of times I play better blues and rootsy stuff without a pick - probably just forces me to slow down and hear before playing, and you can really spank it. On the other hand there's no way I can do justice to Paganini's 24th caprice with my fingers.

                            Slide playing, and playing bass is 100% fingers for me.
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                              Took me a while to adjust but it's quite good to know you can play either way. Guess it came from the same reason as most others.. not having a pick around, too lazy to get one etc..

                              Can't play fast country stuff.. but yeah.. I agree about the tone. There is something special when the finger tone is coming from both ends.. instead of just the fretting end.