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"First World Problems" for guitarists


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    I know it's free shipping, but does it have to take 3 days to get here?


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      They don't make fretboards out of endangered species anymore.


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        Is this Gibson real??
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          Lost my all my guitar picks.

          Guess I'll have to use my fingers.
          I'm reaching up and reaching out.
          I'm reaching for the random or whatever will bewilder me.
          And following our will and wind, we may just go where no one's been.
          We'll ride the spiral to the end and may just go where no one's been.


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            Quote Originally Posted by Willyguitar
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            'Bedroom' electric guitar player.

            I didn't pick up a guitar because I wanted to be a performer. I like to play.


            "The pedal that re-creates sounds that could only be generated in studio many many years ago doesn't sound warm enough." Maybe it's your shoes.

            Watch this:

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              I can't find a 1964 neck for my 1964 strat body

              (not so much HCEG, but for sure on TGP)


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                Ive run out of room to store them.
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                  I cant get velcro to stick to my $300 tube screamer.

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                    My favorite guitar forum is down, so I actually have no excuse not to practice.
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                      My $6,000 a month Manhattan apartment is too small for me to play without waking up the kids and I have a hard time choosing between playing through my MacBook, iPhone, iPad, PS3, or the headphone out on my practice amp.


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                        lol every guitarist problem is a first world problem


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                          Why doesn't this guitar make me sound like Eric Johnson- its got his name on it...
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                            lol every guitarist problem is a first world problem

                            What about guitarists who live in 3rd world countries? oke:
                            I didn't get a gig this week, so I can't afford new strings.


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                              If you examine this after taking a photo under intense light with a high-powered lens, you can see there's a wee bit of stain that has bled into the creme binding of my double-bound Custom Shop Tele.


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                                "My fingers corrode those type of strings really quickly".

                                When travelling asia, kids used whatever they could find for strings, (stereo wires etc...). They could play amazingly well considering.

                                That's so true. We met some people north of Chang Mai in Thailand, they liked Reggae and I figured I'd show how to play some bob.
                                They passed me their guitar. It's NOT TUNED! Horror! I hurriedly tried to tune it by ear..... all the tuners were rusted SOLID.

                                I passed the guitar back to them and humbly marvelled at how they could get it sounding good when I couldn't.
                                Still sort of managed no woman no cry and they were very happy to learn that!
                                Ant the Les Paul Lover!