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8 string universe

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  • 8 string universe

    I just wanted to share this, it is the second project I recently completed, it was modeled after the 7 string universe, everything was custom built around the rga8 neck by Ibanez.



    pick ups: bridge: BKP aftermath single: custom by guitar logistics, neck: BKP coldsweat

    trem custom made floyd rose

    electronics: emg spc, emg pa2

    fretboard ebony w/ custom dna/ pyramids inlay

    swirl by: Out of this Swirled

    we are calling it the Multiverse thanks to a fellow forum member

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    more pics


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          Nice job!
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                Wow, that looks pretty darn amazing.


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                  Way over the top for anything I would use, but it's an awesome build for sure.

                  That trem block and trem setter setup looks great.

                  What guage strings work best on something like that?


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                    I started with 10's as they were readily available, but with the 27" scale the tension proved too much and the trem felt like it was going to rip right out of the guitar, So I then used 9's and life got a lot better, I had to do another set-up but I changed the trem block from brass to stainless steel at the same time to make it worth the time, that made a big difference to the tone.

                    here is a video of my friend playing it, he is really good. at this point it still had the 10's, he's a trooper, as it is hard as hell to do bends with it at this point!



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                      That is very sweet - WOULD!


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                        Good demo. Guitar has a nice clean tone, I like that.


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                          Awesome, love it. Too much for me but I have always lusted after the Vai PAW universe.
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                              Wow - Vai needs to see that! Very nice job!
                              music projects are now available online at http://aliensporebomb.com