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Who has the best "Affordable" line?


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  • Who has the best "Affordable" line?

    Like the title says.....do you vote for Gibsons Epiphone, Fenders MIM's or Squires, ESP's LTD's, you get the idea....my vote goes for LTD...their high end stuff rivals ESP guitars...what say yall?
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    I don't think Gibson can be beat these days. I track my guitars costs in a spreadsheet and I'm marveling that I'm paying no more now for an entry level Gibson than I was paying 10 years ago and the tone of them has been getting better than I got from my earliest 3 Gibson purchases.

    I just purchased another "entry level" Gibson today for $607. I didn't have a LP Jr Spc with HBs, and now I will. Plus the baked maple fretboard on that guitar is actually a plus for me since I find LP Specials to normally be a bit on the darker side anyway.

    But I don't have a lot of experience with the LTDs. I just have this one.

    It doesn't sound quite as lively or vibey as I like from a guitar, but it's a pretty good rock machine. Oddly enough, the only problem I had with it was that the Earvana nut had slots that were cut too high. But after I got that fixed (first F'd up filing down the nut and had to start over with a new one) it now plays great. But it seems to mostly shine with plenty of gain. I was drawn to it by it's Duncan Jazz/Custom V compliment.

    For ESP, I do have a MIJ The Eclipse and it's not quite what I expected. It more "metal" than the "versatile" as described by Guitar Shop magazine.

    I think I've been happiest with this ESP

    But for an Asian made guitar that mimic Les Pauls, I've had pretty good luck with Schecters. Still not as resonant as a cheapie Gibson, but nice versatile instruments in their own right.

    Fender of course also delivers good bang for the buck. But some of their MIMs have gotten pretty darned expensive.

    I just think it's hard to beat some of these deals that can be had from Gibson these days from 5 to 7 bills.
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      LTD. I have an EC 400, PB 500, and EC 1000. I have had others with the faux Floyd bridges. All have been, at the least, great for the money. The ones I still have are fantastic. They came stock with Duncan pickups, and the 400 and 500 came with Earvana nuts. The 1000 is light and sounds awesome.

      I have gigged each of these guitars multiple times, never with a problem. Build quality is top notch, finish is excellent.

      PB 500

      EC 1000

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        G&L Tribute Series


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          +1 on LTDs!...they have a wide variety of models too...


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            Lots of good stuff out there at affordable prices these days! Myself I don't think the stuff being put out by the Godin guitar company can be beat for what you get for what you pay! A guitar like the Session can be bought new here for about 500 bucks and I could walk out of the store with it take it to a gig plug it in and know I have a reliable guitar that I can count on. They also make incredible acoustic guitars like Seagull, Norman, Simon and Patrick and Arts Luther that are great bang for the bucks guitars.


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              I agree with Godin and G&L Tribute and would add the Parker P series.
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                Godin, for sure. Also PRS SE.


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                  PRS SEs are a great bargain.
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                    Yeah, Godins are good values, especially at the "deals" they can occasionally be had for.

                    I got this one off of Amazon for $310 and I'd say it would still be a good value at twice that. Feels great, looks great and not one dud pickup selection (1 through 5 plus the HB split options) on this guitar. Very smooth sounding guitar, like it's got a lot of depth to its tone.

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                    HCEG Existentialism: I buy guitars, therefore, I am.
                    Well Dick, it's got a good beat, and I could dance to it, so I give it a 10!
                    I have opinions of my own,strong opinions but I don't always agree with them.


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                        To keep to the style of the OP's question.

                        I'd say PRS SE's are the best major builders "Affordable" line.

                        Squier's CV and VM lines are close though and they are a different beast. (bolt on vs set necks)


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                          Reverend, Godin and PRS SE's. Again, I think it is really difficult to buy a crap guitar these days. The Squiers are kind of amazing, some of these LTD's are amazing. The Schecters I have played are amazing.
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                            The elephant in the room is that all guitars seem well made these days and it's more just about your style preference.. style of guitar, style of neck or pickups, style of music.. etc.


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                              Yea really there are no really bad cheap guitars nowadays compared to when I starting playing in the 70s.

                              Even an Affinity Strat or Tele is pretty darn good, compared to yesteryear.