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  • Good Bye to Leah

    At 3 AM our husky, Leah, was on our bed, cried out three times and passed away. We think she had a heart attack. Leah had some health issues that we started noticing this last Summer. Her thyroid level was low, and we were working on that. She also had low protein in her blood, and we were trying medication to improve that. Leah, and Lamb Chop turned out to be buddies. Somehow it seems fate that Leah would join her on the Rainbow Bridge. We just put Lamb Chop down on 10/30/2012.

    Leah was a stray that walked up to my back fence about seven years ago. The vet thought she was seven or eight. But we were not sure as she was a stray. I used to tell people this was the dog that picked me. Wandered up to my fence and picked out her new home.

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    Originally Posted by Bob411

    Nice ass Mrs. Woody.

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    Major mojo sent to you both, it is horrible loosing pets.
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      Aaaaaw man, two in such a short space, although that's the way our two cats went, they were brothers, and left us about 6 weeks between each.
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        Wow Woody, two great dogs in such a short span. So sorry to hear this.
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          RIP, Leah.

          I'm so sorry to hear this, Woody. My thoughts are with you and your family.


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            tough call Mr Woody.

            Hope you all find strength in memories
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            Originally Posted by aenemated
            doc always has been and always will be. He behaves as if he is 18 years old with worlds of wisdom

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              Mojo again man...sorry to hear that.
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                Wow, I am so sorry to hear this.

                Much mojo sent.
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                  Gee, that's just not fair. Condolences.
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                    Dude.....mojo man!
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                      My condolences . Two in such a short time . . . so sad .


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                        Nice to know she was with you guys when she went. She must have felt better for it.
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                          Aw man! Much mojo to you and yours! I was fortunate that my lost kitty was hiding in the basement, had a feral moment, or something. -Adam
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                            she looked adorable
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