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  • RIP Dave Brubeck

    Not exactly a guitar player, but influenced a generation of musicians with innovative time signatures, etc. Cool thing - he died the day before his birthday!!!

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    RIP, Dave. Thinking back, it's distinctly possible that "Take Five" was the first jazz song that I really liked as a kid. Of course when I was growing up, my parents listened mostly to country music with a little Beatles and CSNY thrown in, so my exposure to jazz was very limited until I was 12 or 13.

    But man, I loved that song when I was 8 or 9.
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      I saw Brubeck ca. 1980 with his sons at the chapel of the college I attended. We were right up front, and it was a great show. A shame he's gone.
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        Yeah, I heard that this morning and definitely took note. But to be honest, my first response was that I didn't know he was still alive. Sounds cliche', I know, but in his case I really would have guessed he'd already passed on. Hell, if an icon like that was still on this planet, he should have been paraded out on stage from time to time to be honored by the public before he passes.

        I'm nowhere near a Jazz aficionado, but indeed, Take 5, is one of my top favorites and one of the few jazz pieces I've ever worked to learn on guitar.

        Dave Brubeck

        Charlie Parker

        George Benson

        Miles Davis &

        Vince Guaraldi (who sadly only lived to 47 - but whose Jazz piano music is about the most instantly recognizable)

        -are the only Jazz musicians (other than vocalists) whose music I've sought and bought.
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        Well Dick, it's got a good beat, and I could dance to it, so I give it a 10!
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          Oh man. A jazz giant. Play on Dave.
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          Nice ass Mrs. Woody.


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            He definitely had a wonderful life and career, and it's great that he lived to a ripe old age. May he kick ass in the afterlife.
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              Take 5 is a HUGE piece of music. RIP Mr. Brubeck.


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                Quote Originally Posted by BeanoBoy
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                Take 5 is a HUGE piece of music. RIP Mr. Brubeck.

                I agree. For those who don't know, however, "Take 5" was written by Paul Desmond. Certainly Brubeck's contribution to its performance (Desmond was in the DB Quartet) was key.


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                  RIP Mr. Brubeck. Say hi to your friend Paul Desmond for me.


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                    Man... RIP for sure. I've been getting back into audio and I've listened to a number of his pieces multiple times over the last two or three weeks.

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                      It's timely that I've listed to "The Essential Dave Brubeck" (2003) twice in the last week. RIP.
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                        I saw him just a few years ago in New Haven and he was great. Thanks for the good music Dave
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                          Listening to that makes me wonder why we have so many cookie monster metal bands today. Where did we go wrong? Take Five is pure genius.
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