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Advice for pickup replacement in a Classic Vibe tele


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  • Advice for pickup replacement in a Classic Vibe tele

    I'm looking to replace the stock pickups in my Squier classic vibe telecaster. I've decided on GFS Lil puncher XL Lead in the bridge, and a GFS alnico 2 humbucker in the neck. Since the Lil puncher is a single coil sized stack, it seems like I should go with 500k pots, but I've heard that it would be nasal sounding with those. On the other hand, the alnico 2 might be too muddy with 250k pots.

    Suggestions? Advice?

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    I would not be surprised if that turns out to be a downgrade. Cv pups are pretty damn good for stock
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      It would definitely be less of a "real" tele sound. The stock pickups are not crap at all. I guess I just want to change it up, more output, less noise, etc. I'm certainly not married to traditional tele tone and I've always had higher output pickups. If I end up disappointed I'm not out much since they are so cheap.


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        I just finished installing this into my Hwy one & really like it so far. Still has tele twang but with more "attitude"


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          Is that a lil '59?


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              I have Rio Grande Muy Grandes in mine. I really like 'em.
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                Take a look at the Micro Coils from Wilde. They are made and designed by Bill Lawrence. They are the best Tele pickup that I've ever played. They aren't noiseless but they are very, very quiet. They have the power of a humbucker but retain that Tele sound. Old Bill knows what he's doing.


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                  i put a Lil Puncher in the bridge of mine, the stock was nice but i wanted more of a humbucker tone, than a fatish single coil, which is exactly what i got. I left the standard pots in and it sounds terrific. I also put a Dream 180 in the neck, which was probably not the greatest idea because even though it sounds lovely and full on it's own, it's totally different to the Lil Puncher and doesn't sound as nice in the middle position. I'll probably go back to the neck Lil Puncher.