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New Gibson 2013 models at Sweetwater - whoa!!!


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    Quote Originally Posted by Ancient Mariner
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    So these are fixing what's been broke? Fairy snuff.

    Huh? I'm not sure what you are saying, but the one thing that a lot of players disliked about the SG Standard was the neck shape. The smaller guard is a nice change of pace too, and the unnatural color of most of the baked maple boards along with the fact that it impacts the tone has been problematic for Gibson, so they are responding to consumer preferences. Even though a lot of players love the 490/498's, I'm sure that even more players preferred something else, so the ubiquitous 57's should make them happy.


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      Quote Originally Posted by docjeffrey
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      So buy one with a pick guard and a finish you like. There are plenty of options.

      Done and done. Merely expressing my opinion on the collective new line, as is the point of the thread.


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        looks like the same old crap to me
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          Quote Originally Posted by Pizza Combo
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          looks like the same old crap to me



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            Quote Originally Posted by peskypesky
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            why the pickguard hate by Gibson?

            Because having a .25 cent piece of plastic on a 800+$ guitar is ridiculous
            Finally learning to enjoy something besides metal......and it Hurts!


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              The chocolate has a maple neck! Ugh! Rather buy an Agile AL2000 and save $600
              Finally learning to enjoy something besides metal......and it Hurts!


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                Quote Originally Posted by jpnyc
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                I feel a lot better about the 70s Tribute Goldtop Studio I just bought for $509 seeing that the 2013 Goldtop Studio is 1549 and the 2013 70s Tribute Goldtop is $1349. Binding is pricey!

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                  Quote Originally Posted by Pizza Combo
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                  looks like the same old crap to me

                  What, exactly, is Gibson not making for which you are pining?


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                    I never understood why the SG had a pickguard to begin with. I know it


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                      Quote Originally Posted by Flintc
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                      What in the world is a "decent pick guard"? If you NEED a pick guard, you haven't learned how to pick, and you should practice. If you don't, then pick guards are cosmetic, and ALWAYS ugly. If the pick guard can be removed, you're in luck. If it can't (because all the electronics are mounted to it), you have a poorly designed guitar and you should burn it immediately.

                      I don't agree but I don't think you expected me to.
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                        I see stuff there that looks great and some Sosa. But I like that Gibson is mixing it up. No do sum thin with the Vee and Explorer......
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                          I grabbed that 60's Tribute SG off Sweetwater a couple weeks ago. Played it last night. Needs locking tuners badly, otherwise, for $449 shipped, no gripes. After 2 sets with the Reverend Flat Roc on, it was a nice break, cause it feels like it weighs 4 lbs less. These new models don't really compel me to 'want'. i still have my eye on a Lifeson someday.
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                            Quote Originally Posted by deanmass
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                            Needs locking tuners badly

                            What for, if I may ask?


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                              Nice to see a continuation of many low priced options.

                              I can't think of another company that has an all American made line up in this range. ($600 - $800)


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                                I like the new chocolate satin finish, I might grap that LPJ if the quality is good.

                                Other than that, nothing really grabs me.