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New Gibson 2013 models at Sweetwater - whoa!!!

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  • New Gibson 2013 models at Sweetwater - whoa!!!

    Holy CRAP! No wonder Gibby done blowed out a bunch of stuff - they got a manure pile of new stuff coming in (oh, and robots are back...sorta...):


    This used to be a great place. Thanks, GCI, for killing it.See y'all at Wein's.

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    They added some gloss models,added some ETune on others and added some humbuckers on others and raised the prices from what I see...I like a couple of them
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      Yeah, the SG Standards were bumped up $100 to $1299, but they now have '57 Classics
      This used to be a great place. Thanks, GCI, for killing it.See y'all at Wein's.


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        Looks a lot like "more of the same" to me. Gibson is either stuck with the tried and true, or they go ape-**************** and make some weird, ridiculous thing no one would ever want. I guess "more of the same" is their best bet.


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          why the pickguard hate by Gibson?
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            Wow. Those are some interesting options. Granadillo is still coming on the Studio while the cheapie "J" models have rosewood. Steinberger tuners on the Future models and Min-ETune on Tributes (supposedly on forthcoming Epiphones, too).
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              Quote Originally Posted by peskypesky
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              why the pickguard hate by Gibson?

              Less time to drill the holes and now they can charge for them
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                Why proof reading is good.

                On the retro side, the 2013 Gibson SG Tribute Future starts off with a traditional 24-fret fingerboard, a lightweight mahogany body, and a set of '57 Classic pickups that give you timeless PAF humbucker tone. But that's where SG convention breaks off. For instance, the SG Tribute Future's bridge pickup is actually a '57 Classic Plus, which provides you with a much spicier, hot-rodded humbucker sound that's more suitable for modern aggressive playing styles. An asymmetrical '60s neck carve also bridges the gay between traditional high-speed slimness and modern versatility. And wait till you get a load of these funky 40:1 Steinberger Gearless Tuners. Are you ready for something different? Get your Gibson SG Tribute Future from Sweetwater!
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                  This used to be a great place. Thanks, GCI, for killing it.See y'all at Wein's.


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                    unfortunate that the tributes all got bumped up a couple hundo

                    and nothing on the jr/special jr either
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                      That Jr looks sweet!
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                        I feel a lot better about the 70s Tribute Goldtop Studio I just bought for $509 seeing that the 2013 Goldtop Studio is 1549 and the 2013 70s Tribute Goldtop is $1349. Binding is pricey!


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                          Quote Originally Posted by cbh5150
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                          Looks like a cat without ears.

                          Can't wait to receive my gold top studio.
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                            Pickups look like EMG's but they are only black covers (498/490's)

                            $1,199 (with auto tune)

                            Looks like Gibson has a Peavey like auto tunning set up now



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                              i'm digging the gritty look of this one, the price is kinda nice too. Not sure the pickups would be great but a swap is easy enough.