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  • CORT G SERIES G210??

    Anyone familiar wth this particular model? i'm into country just wondering if this would be a wise investment.

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    Since they can be had for aroung $250 used, they are somewhat a Strat copy, Cort makes quality instruments, I say go for it. Country has been played on a variety of instruments.


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      For a $100 more dollars get the 260. Better pickups, bridge, wood and all around really, well worth it.


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        Just to add to the above post: I had a G260 for a few months, the sexy open-grained one in black:

        Good build, very lightweight, coil tap on the Duncan-designed bridge humbucker was functional and decently balanced with middle and neck pickup output, and the guitar stayed in tune very well with graph-tech nut/Wilkinson trem and self-locking tuners...It's a lot of guitar for the money. Just the same, mine was unusually bright-sounding (swamp ash with rosewood board to fault?), so it might not be what everyone is after for a Strat-shaped humbucker in the bridge guitar. Used Corts are everywhere here in Korea, so my $130 spent on buying it was not wasted when I ended up giving it to a needy friend who could really use it.
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          Cort stuff is really unbeatable for the money... i say go for it
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            Quote Originally Posted by diceman1000
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            Cort stuff is really unbeatable for the money... i say go for it


            Never had a bad Cort!
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              Corts are decent guitars.

              You may try to look for the Squier as well.

              Various Squier Stratocasters are about $200-300 at Musicians Friend.
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                I been "jonesing" for a Cort Hiram Bullock guitar forever.....
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