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Budget thinline Archtops?


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  • Budget thinline Archtops?

    I'm looking for a thin bodied archtop along the lines of a Guild T-100 or Gretsch Clipper.

    Specs I'm looking for is a relatively thin fully hollow body, single cutaway and either a single neck pickup or two pickups.

    I'm in the Uk and have a budget of about
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    Maybe not as thin as you're looking for, but great for $399 with soft case.


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      Epiphone is releasing a limited 62 Sorrento reissue soon.

      We're not in Kansas anymore.


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        I don't know if they sell them in the UK, but look into "The Loar." They make some nice budget archtops including the LH-350, which is what you're looking for. Around 700 USD.


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          Quote Originally Posted by Elias Graves
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          Epiphone is releasing a limited 62 Sorrento reissue soon.

          That looks pretty freakin' sweet. Gibson mini-hums too.