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What do Explorers sound like?


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    Here's one of the Korean Hamers. Great guitar...I love Explorers.

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      They sound like awesomeness!

      Perfect balance, comfortable to play both sitting and standing- just a bit wide so its easy to bang them into things

      The stock ceramics, 496r/500t are ridiculously hot but very versatile if you dial the vol down. Im of the opinion that body shape/wood/physics do affect the tone so I believe that explorers are bassier than most guitars because of the large amount of mahogany behind the bridge.

      Bridge is obviously great for rock to death metal, but surprisingly Ive found the neck to be quite good for blues
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        Quote Originally Posted by danswon
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        Like a Les Paul? An SG?

        More like a Les Paul than an SG because they are fairly thick. But they have less top end accentuation to them since they are just a big mahogany slab (i.e. no maple cap). My RD is very similar in tone. And really, a Les Paul Special w Humbuckers is also in the same ballpark.

        They're good for deep guttural growly tones. And I mean that "in a good way"

        I'm a bit of a SG fan because I like the bit of Fender-ish spank/vibe that the thinner bodies produce compared to the thicker Gibson builds.
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          Quote Originally Posted by ashtray
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          They sound like The Edge from U2. Every album. So yeah, run it through $50k of effects and it will sound like the dead carcass of a zebra being devoured by lions, with delay.

          But serious? Just a warm guitar in general - but you can brighten it up with different pickups or make it death metal sounding. In general they have decent sustain, weight balance, ergonomics, and tonal variety.

          Best summation
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            Dean has made some tremendous Zs over the years.

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              Quote Originally Posted by Lonnie99
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              Dean has made some tremendous Zs over the years.

              Oh yeah I actually love the look of that Dean headstock on the Explorer body too. But I keep hearing people on HC bashing Deans. Seems like some people really hate them. Or are they being sarcastic? I can't even tell. You never see Deans where I live so I've never played one.


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                Just came by to say that that red Explorer is SIIIIIICK!

                in a good, good way.


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                  The "sound" of a electric guitar is far more dependent upon the amps and effects (if any) that are being used. This will affect the sound of a guitar far more than wood, body thickness, hardware, even pickups if you use amps, effects, modelers, etc.

                  But essentially an Explorer, in my experience, sounds like most other Gibson solidbodies. That is, mightier than the hand of an avenging god.
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                      I bought a Gibson Explorer several years ago because it was a really good deal. I had thought of using it for trade later on. It turns out that I absolutely love the tone. A lot of people rave about them as rhythm guitars, but the way that the guitar can hang when you bring the neck up, it turns out to be a very comfortable guitar to play lead with. Mine turned out to be one of my favorite guitars and is a keeper.

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                        They sound like "Land Ho!" or an agressive midrange LP!


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                          I have talked to guys who like them for the way that they balance while standing. One of these guys was in a band in which I played drums. His guitar sounded pretty much like a Les Paul. It was full, with plenty of punch.
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                            You're making a lot of these posts. All these guitars will do fine, just buy one.
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                              Explorers sound a 24.75" scale guitar with two humbuckers.


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                                Quote Originally Posted by Scott Abene
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                                oh and...

                                Technically an Ibanez but same old same old...


                                I've always loved that song. The outro still gives me chills.
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