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Suggest to me some Carvin pickups


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  • Suggest to me some Carvin pickups

    I've decided to start saving for a Carvin, and I'd like to know which Carvin pickups sound the best for warm tones with a little grind. I'm not a metal guy, but I play anything from blues and classic rock to tool. I'm specifically wanting to go with Carvin pickups for now because if I can't get the guitar without swapping the pu set I'd be pretty happy.
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    I would recommend the C22B for the bridge position, and a C22J for the neck. I've never had a Carvin, but I've always gotten their catalogs, and those pickups seem like the best all-around pups they have.


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      I would go with a C22T and either a C22N or C22J.


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        I'd go with EMG's


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          I like the AP-11 single coils and will seek them out in the used market. Their humbucker pickups used to be a bargain compared to the other mainstream brands, but not so much any more as they are not much cheaper than Duncans or Dimarzios.

          For the price point, I would much rather have a set wound by Rose.

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            Quote Originally Posted by linthat22
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            I'd go with EMG's

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              Id start out with their stock set, the C22B and J.
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