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2013 whats in it for you?


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  • 2013 whats in it for you?

    I havent made any selfesh "me" purchases for a while......... I'd really like a R8 or R9 or R0......... who knows maybe 2013 will be the year for one......

    Since my 2 youngest are showing good signs of become musicians, the boy is a drummer and the youngest girl is a vocal maniac who is learning guitar............ I may have to add to the live sound area......

    Also for 2013 I deff want to play out more with other friends.... maybe get more envolved with the church band.......

    what say you guys?

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    I just got a guitar on Black Friday. Other than a pedal or two, and some minor accessories, I think I'm pretty much done for awhile. I just can't justify more spending on guitar stuff when my family, and local charities, have other needs.
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      I want a new white Gibson SG standard. Would love to pickup a rosewood board strat to.
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          just bought 2 guitars, love my amps and cabs so mostly likely will be putting together a pedal board but first i need to work on my recording and jam room setup. i also need a new central ac unit, windows and to remodel my bathroom but that stuff can wait, lol.
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            I have three guitar projects in the works.

            One involves a cheap guitar purchase solely for the body shape I want to use for a template, then if I don't end up liking the cheapo, it will get flipped.

            The other two just mere neck, pickup, hardware changes.


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              I have three guitar projects in the works

              One involves a purchase of a $150. cheapo to use the shape as a template. If I don't end up liking it, I will probably flip it when I'm through with it.

              The other two being neck swaps.


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                I'd love to get some kind of smallish Fender tube amp. We'll see.
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                  Quote Originally Posted by Frets99
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                  That puts things into perspective... we should focus more at keeping our eye on the ball.
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                    Black EJ strat is always on my list. Just have to snag at the right price.


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                      Delay pedal. Maybe a looper. New wiring for my Ric. That's about it.
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                        A small pedal board. A USB recording interface. If everything goes as planned, I will move abroad next year, so there
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                          Gear-wise, very little. I don't plan any new guitars or amps, and I really like what I have now. I may pick up a pedal or something, but I may also set aside whatever little gear money I might spend to save for an AxeFX 2 or something similar.

                          That said, I'm going to the Orlando Guitar Show in January... might make a trade.

                          Playing-wise, I always set goals for the year. I haven't worked out 2013 yet, but I will try to continue to practice at least a little bit every day. I'm trying to heal some nagging tendonitis, so I might spend more time with the staff sheet and do transcriptions on paper for a bit. I'll probably also keep working on my ear, learn some more jazz standards, and keep writing.
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                            I do not need anything but that does not mean that something will not catch my eye
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                              I'll have quite a few irons in the fire with my academic obligations, but I'd really like to start playing a lot more with other/new people and maybe do some recording in my living room.