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Orlando Guitar Show - Who is going?


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  • Orlando Guitar Show - Who is going?

    Who all is planning to go to the Orlando guitar show next month? I'll be there on Saturday and would love to meet up with some

    fellow forum members. Maybe we could hit BB King's blues club (on I-Drive) to see a blues band or something afterwards. Here's

    the info on the guitar show: http://www.guitarexpo.net/gxpo/pdf/O..._Public_13.pdf

    Here's a few vintage guitars from last year's show...

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    Wow... Is it that time of year again already?

    I went a couple of years ago and wasn't really all that impressed. That vast majority of guitars there were hugely overpriced 'vintage' stuff.

    I did get to see this, though:

    Same guy also had these on display:

    There were also some interesting odds & ends; people hawking hand-made leather straps, lots of pieces/ parts, & of course the guy who makes the 'Axe Glove'

    I don't see anything on my calendar for that weekend... maybe I'll head over. Might find a nice strap or something


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      god damn that looks like the ultimate cock tease show to go to lol... all those crazy amazing vintage guitars and not being able to buy any lol
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        I would if I could but I can't so I won't.

        They timed it perfectly to fall at the beginning of my work week and my shift hours. bummer.
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