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    Unlike previous bass hybrids like the old six-string basses of yesteryear, which featured tuning in the same E-A-D-G-B-E intervals as a guitar, the SRVIISC combines lower strings of the contemporary 6-string bass, B-E-A-D-G-C and adds a high E 7th string. With this tuning, the SR7VIISC can be played as standard bass, but also allows forays into lead guitar territories for the adventurous bassist.

    The 30-inch short scale allows the instrument to be played as a guitar while still maintaining the necessary tension for a bass. The string spacing is 11mm, slightly wider than a guitar but much narrower than a bass, which allows for playing chords in a guitar-like fashion, but does not work as well for slapping or finger picking. The pickups work as standard bass models, but the bridge pickup has two single coils connected in series, which can simulate a guitar lead humbucker. As with many other Ibanez basses, the SR7VIISC features the tonally versatile Ibanez Vari-Mid EQ.

    Price: $2500

    Originally Posted by Dew Knot Hump

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    Originally Posted by rickenvox

    Realizing Ringo's talent is just a litmus test to identify musical idiots

    Originally Posted by PFB

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    That thing is too much-and I'm not talking price

    It looks cool as hell, though


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      Would love to play something like that. Perfect for forays into chapman stick-style two hand fretting technique. The price tag is like a kick to the balls though. Maybe Rondo will come out with a mid priced knockoff.
      **************** detuning, I'm gonna start using a capo when I play my speed metal. WHEEDLY WHEEDLY WHEEEE!!!