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What are your favorite story-telling songs?


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        We hold the rivers of the Eastern trail

        Deep in the land of the Rus'

        Following the wind in our sails

        And the rhythm of the oars

        No shelter in this hostile land

        Constantly on guard

        Ready to fight and defend

        Ours ships 'til the bitter end

        We came under attack

        I received a deadly wound

        A spear was forced into my back

        Still I fought on

        When I am dead

        Lay me in a mound

        Raise a stone for all to see

        Runes carved to my memory

        Now here I lie on the river bank

        A long, long way from home

        Life is pouring out of me

        Soon I will be gone

        I tilt my head to the side

        And think of those back home

        I see the river rushing by

        Like blood runs from my wound

        Here I lie on wet sand

        I will not make it home

        I clench my sword in my hand

        Say farewell to those I love

        When I am dead

        Lay me in a mound

        Place my weapons by my side

        For the journey to Hall up high

        When I am dead

        Lay me in a mound

        Raise a stone for all to see

        Runes carved to my memory


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          jack was sittin poker faced with bullets backed with bitches

          neal hunched at the wheel puttin everyone in stiches

          braggin bout this nurse he screwed while drivin through nebraska

          and when she came she honked the horn and neal just barely missed a

          truck and then he asked her if she'd like to come like that to californy

          see a red head in a uniform will always get you horny

          with her hairnet and those white shoes and a name tag and a hat

          she drove like andy granatelli and knew how to fix a flat

          and jack was almost at the bottom of his md 2020 neal was yellin

          out the window tryin to buy some bennies from a lincoln

          full of mexicans whose left rear tire blowed and the sonsobitches

          prit near almost ran off the road

          well the nurse had spilled the manoshevitz all up and down her dress

          then she lit the map on fire neal just had to guess

          should we try and find a bootleg route or a fillin station open

          the nurse was dumpin out her purse lookin for an envelope and

          jack was out of cigarettes we crossed the yellow line

          the gas pumps looked like tombstones from here

          felt lonelier than a parking lot when the last car pulls away

          and the moonlight dressed the double breasted foothills

          in the mirror weaving outa negligee and a black brassiere

          the mercury was runnin hot and almost out of gas

          just then florence nightingale dropped her drawers and

          stuck her fat ass half way out of the window with a

          wilson pickett tune

          and shouted get a load of this and gave the finger to the moon

          countin one eyed jacks and whistling dixie in the car

          neal was doin least a hundred when we saw a fallin star

          florence wished that neal would hold her stead of chewin

          his cigar jack was noddin out and dreamin he was in a bar

          with charlie parker on the bandstand not a worry in the world

          and a glass of beer in one hand and his arm around a girl

          and neal was singin to the nurse

          underneath a harlem moon

          and somehow you could just tell we'd be in california soon


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              Battle of New Orleans

              Seriously, the first things to come to my mind were already mentioned

              Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald (cliche, but it gives me chills every time I hear it)

              John Prine (anything off his first album, but particularly Sam Stone)

              Skynyrd Ballad of Curtis Lowe (I'd add Tuesday's Gone as well).

              I can't believe it took so long for someone to mention John Prine.

              I'll also throw in John Hartford's First Girl I Loved



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                Johnny Cash's "Boy Named Sue" and "25 Minutes to Go" are awesome. The Decemberists, one of my favorite bands, write nearly all their songs this way. They are known for their intriguing characters. The Hazards of Love was an album-length story and very good, though there are awesome stories on each record. "The Mariner's Revenge Song" is popular and one of the most fun in concert.
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                    I Like Beer- by Tom T Hall

                    Harold Horatio Heckuba (Triple H)


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                      Harold Horatio Heckuba (Triple H)


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                        ^^^^ The REK song also has some of the best country guitar playing I have ever heard.
                        Harold Horatio Heckuba (Triple H)


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                          Harold Horatio Heckuba (Triple H)


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                            “One day your life will flash before your eyes. Make sure it's worth watching”
                            Gerard Way


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                              Amon Amarth reminded me of this for some weird reason...


                              been lonesome two years since she disappeared. i'm at the park where she was last

                              seen. a vast green clearing wrapped up in maple trees, spilling the morning rain

                              from their leaves. i used to walk here with a girl seventeen. at the time

                              mistress of seventeen smiles sublime with flaming locks of red in the autumn and

                              burning locks of orange in the summertime. we were solemn and awkward that last

                              night together. she laid by my side, staring into starless skies, black as angel

                              feathers. i stared into the forest pretending not to see the hangmen she was

                              hiding in her eyes of serpent green. she said that there was another, i refused

                              to believe her. i'd thought we'd kiss until our tongues tied together.

                              all my loving memories became scenes of frenzied slaughter.

                              my hands became cruel talons as they moved to destroy her.

                              her neck breaks like a toy in a careless child's grip. my tears rained down into

                              dead eyes and splashed upon her lifeless lips. i put her in the ground like a


                              i am standing in that same spot today where my angel's empty shell last laid. and

                              as my tears began to well up once more, i see a path into the tree line that i'd

                              never seen before. i follow it down into a ravine, find a hole in the earth

                              framed in the roots of a birch tree. subtle echoes of her voice speaking words

                              i've never heard. but the way she hissed her "s"'s, i knew it had to be her. i

                              smell honeysuckle, then opium. two of her signature scents. i pull aside all the

                              thistle and mesmerized, i make my descent. as i crawl further inside, the light

                              slowly dies and the dirt begins to feel like her skin. i tremble as i drag my

                              fingers down the walls, caressing her sweet flesh again.

                              i'm slipping downwards, trying so hard not to fall. slipping on the blood that's

                              seeping from the walls. suddenly i'm surrounded by a thousand of her eyes,

                              bathing the tunnel in a strange green light. the eyes show me pictures, like

                              ghostly television screens. all her thrashing final struggles and her ravaged

                              corpse, serene.

                              the tunnel is closing behind me. pressing me further and further down. i'm being

                              swallowed by her earth and consumed by her ground. the end is moving into sight.

                              i gasp and i scream as i see her lovely mouth, five times the size of me. her

                              lips curl into a grin around her crooked gnashing teeth. i'm pulverized and

                              devoured in the jaws of a girl seventeen.
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