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What are your favorite story-telling songs?

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  • What are your favorite story-telling songs?

    Not the usual verse chorus verse, rinse and repeat... A few of mine:


    A day in the life

    These have a bit more pop structure but still tell a story...

    Rosalita (even tho I'm not a Bruce fan, great song)

    American pie

    Alice's Restaurant is strictly forbidden since thanksgiving has already past
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    Far Behind

    The Trees


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        Examples but not necessarily favourites:

        Love Chronicles - Al "Schoolboy" Stewart featuring J Page on tasteful fills and accents. A tale of English Public Schoolboy morphs into adulthood, assisted by a stream of young women.

        Almost any rock theatre epic from Meatloaf.

        Blood - the Middle East. Not political but the story of love and loss in an Australian family.

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        Originally Posted by aenemated <br />
        doc always has been and always will be. He behaves as if he is 18 years old with worlds of wisdom

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          A Boy Named Sue by Johnny Cash is a classic. Take the Money and Run by Steve Miller is a good one too.


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            Whiskey in a Jar - Thin Lizzy is definitely a fav
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            Originally Posted by Frets99 <br />
            I held one note through the whole thing and grimaced like I was being taken from behind by a camel.....

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              Townes-Pancho & Lefty

              Marah-Formula, Cola, Dollar Draft
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                Quote Originally Posted by killthehippies45
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                this entire ****************ing record

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                  Shooting Star by Bad Company
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                    Operation Mindcrime - the entire album beginning to end.


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                      ****************, I got a lot of these:

                      Rush (congrats on finally making the RRHOF, guys!): "Red Barchetta"

                      Seger: "Night Moves"

                      Dylan: "The Hurricane"

                      Steely Dan: "Deacon Blues", "Kid Charlemagne", "The Royal Scam", "Charlie Freak", "My Old School" and all kinda more

                      Johnny Cash "A Boy Named Sue" and "One Piece at a Time"

                      Springsteen has a thousand story songs: "The River", "Jungle Land", "STolen Car", "Born to Run", "Rosalita" ..... basically anything he did from 1972-1985

                      Beatles: "Ballad of John and Yoko" and "Rocky Racoon"

                      Bad Co: "Shooting Star"

                      Willie Nelson: "Ballad of Pancho and Lefty"

                      Jim Croce had a bunch, but my favorite was always "Don't Mess Around with Jim"

                      Rod Stewart: "Every Picture Tells a Story Don't It"
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                        Anything by Jerry Reed




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                          this one probably, or nearly anything from the BLOOD album.

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                            - all of it
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                              Hot Rod Lincoln


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