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Need suggestions to what guitar to get


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  • Need suggestions to what guitar to get

    Hello there, I have been planning to get a guitar for way too long now, it is time to take action! After doing so much research, you eventually hit a wall where google is incapable of helping you.

    I got many questions and I hope you can answer most of them, and maybe raise some new ones.

    The music I would like to play is about anything really, from jazz and blues to rock and metal, (probably mostly metal and rock in the Metallica genre) and so the goal for me would be to get my hands on a very versatile guitar that can sound very alike the songs that I listen to (If even possible). I would really like to play slick clean sounds like this:


    And that is probably what I am going to play most, followed by metal. I am no expert in this area, and you might just think "This guy doesn't know anything!" So feel free to input with whatever you might have at heart.

    I will look into any suggestions you come up with.

    If you have any questions, suggestions or opinions, shoot!

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    Lots of great options at many price points, so the question is, whats your budget for both guitar and amp?
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      First, what's your price range? My first thought is to get a PRS SE Custom 24 if you are on a budget, or a fancy PRS 24-fret model if you've got lots of cash.

      Honestly, just about any guitar these days is versatile, what with the amp options we have, but for fat clean tones like in the clip and easy-to-get metal sounds, you need humbuckers. I like the ceramic Gibson 496R/500T set for this sound, which I think is stock on Explorers.

      If you want a double-locking whammy system, then I'd say look to Ibanez. I'm not into those kinds of bridge systems, but when the most noted shredders out there choose to use Ibanez, I'm guessing it's because they've one-upped the classic Floyd design. I like the comfort of the S-series.

      Give us some more info, and you'll have more recommendations that you'll know what to do with! We are excellent at recommending gear here.
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        A Les Paul with coil tap capability.
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          While any guitar can do a wide variety of styles, I'd say a les paul would be a good fit for you. It can do everything from rock to jazz. The "slick" sound in that video comes from a lot of processing and effects which you could do with basically any guitar.


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            Yeah, how much money do you have? Tell us, we'll spend it for you.
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              Get a telecaster.


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                Get a telecaster.


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                  or this:



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                    Around $1000 is the maximum I would spend.

                    On a side note, The Les Pauls have never really been my cup of tea, sorry.


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                      A grand for guitar and amp?


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                        Quote Originally Posted by D Carroll
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                        A grand for guitar and amp?

                        I got around $2200 to get both a amp and guitar


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                          I would take a look at the Godin line. They have some very excellent guitars and are known for their quality at decent prices.

                          Perhaps the LGX-SA http://www.godinguitars.com/godinlgxsap.htm or

                          one of the ICONS http://www.godinguitars.com/godiniconseriesp.htm

                          If you want an amp with good cleans then a Traynor of Fender is the way to go.
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                            The Fender Stratocaster and the Gibson Les Paul are the two most influential models of the modern electric guitar. IMO, any guitar player eventually needs to sort out how he/she feels with respect to these two models, which is why I'd suggest one of those (or a Squier/Epiphone if that's what your budget allows).


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                              Stupid question, but I can't tell from your post - do you actually currently play guitar, or are you planning on learning?

                              If the latter is the case, don't spend a lot of money in the early going. You'll probably buy the wrong guitar because you haven't figured out what you like and dislike in an instrument yet. And unless you guessed right, there's a decent chance you'll end up selling used for a fraction of what you paid. That's no fun.

                              My best advice would be to keep it simple, buy a decent modeling amp which will give you a wide range of tones to play with, and re-visit the gear situation in time.
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