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    All prices shipped and insured CONUS. Open to shipping elsewhere, inquire for rates.

    Schecter Loomis - $550

    -Near Mint, played this less than ten times since I bought it back in September

    -Minimal glossing on satin finish from contact with skin

    -Will ship in most of the original packaging

    Schecter C1 Professional - $310

    -Near Mint, played this twice at most

    -Will ship in most of the original packaging

    BC Rich ASM Pro - $335

    -Excellent condition, minimal fretwear, slight scratching on back

    -Minimal glossing on satin finish from contact with skin

    -No case

    Hondo Gibson Grabber/Ripper (Not sure which one) - $100

    -Frets are pretty good, beastly P bass sound, P bass feeling neck

    -No truss rod cover, only one knob (not pictured)

    -Scratches and dings as to be expected on a 30 year old instrument, overall shape is pretty good though, and it is a *great* bass for the money, sounds awesome

    -No case

    Ibanez DT 250 - $125

    -Details later


    Metalguitarist.org - iTrader - Greg McCoy


    TalkBass Forums - Feedback - Rogueleader

    Andy Sneap Forum (Inquire)

    Harmony Central (Inquire)

    JCF (Inquire)
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      Gibson Fireburst Les Paul Studio w/ OHC - $825.00 shipped/paypal obo

      50s neck

      MIM Fender Tele Special w/gigbag - $400 shipped/paypal obo

      Upgraded with a Babicz Full Contact Bridge, lil 59 in the bridge and SD p-rail in the neck. Not sure of the neck shape but it's on the thinner side.

      Most versatile tele I've played.

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        DiMarzio bridge DP197 and neck DP196 Virtual PAF set.

        The bridge is all black, and the neck is zebra.

        Pickups are in very good condition with plenty of lead left. Has the mounting hardware (screws & springs). Will sell as set only.

        $90 shipped USA/Canada if you use regular payapl

        $80 shipped USA/Canada if you use paypal gift option

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        Monsterpiece Fuzz on eBay<br />
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          High quality six-inch patch cables with dual right angle plugs on them
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          <br />
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            Entwistle Nashville Neck Model. Alnico V magnet, 6k dc resistance. This is an odd size 2.8" x 1.25" and did not come with a mounting ring. $20.00 PayPal gift shipped within the continental USA.

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            Custom Wired Strat Pickguard Assemblies - PM me to discuss specs &amp; pricing<br />
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              Needing money for Christmas, getting rid of as many of my pedals as I can. Very depressing to me, but sacrifices have to be made, I don't have much else of value. Open to any and all reasonable offers, no trades.

              Pedals Pictured:
              • BBE Wah

              • Boss PS-3 Pitch Shifter (Mode 7 and all that)

              • Boss OD-1 PENDING

              • Devi Ever Hyperion

              • Ibanez DE-7 SOLD

              • Sean Ryan Custom Phaser (Phase 90-based design with a depth knob, super bright white LED)

              • Tech 21 Blonde V1

              Pedals Not Pictured:
              • Danelectro French Toast Octave Fuzz

              • Morley Little Alligator volume pedal

              • Sean Ryan Custom Colorsound Overdriver/Power Boost clone (David Gilmour, Jeff Beck, etc)

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              <div class="message">Obama: &quot;The partisan divide is killing this country&quot;<br />
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              Right side of the room: *silence*<br />
              Obama (later, alone and drinking): *facepalm*</div>

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                Bought 2 PRS SE 245's and they are great looking,playing guitars,Black Friday specials.Going to keep one and sell one..Sunburst Model.


                350.00 plus UPS Ground ship.

                PM if interested


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                  WTTF these T-Rex pedals..

                  Tonebug Reverb

                  Tonebug Sensewah

                  what I have for trade is..all pedals are in excellent to new condition...

                  MXR Doubleshot Distortion

                  Tech 21 Double Drive Mod x3

                  EHX Germanium Big Muff

                  Moen Pretty Dolly Analog Delay (has a misaligned power input but works,you can still put the plug in it)

                  willing to sell these also and Friday I will be able to buy the pedals...
                  1989 Gibson SG
                  Eleven Rack


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                    Thinking about trading this SG out for some guitar or gear. PM with offers.


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                      Back again!

                      First up - a 2011 Gibson 60


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                        Dearmond M77t $400 shipped

                        PM for pics!


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                          $950 after shipping and paypal.

                          Peavey Wolfgang Standard with original hardshell case with key and candy (owner's manual, extra springs for floyd, allen wrenches). Excllent condition. There are two blemishes on back (pictured) neither go through the paint, other than that it's minty. I know this is cliche but the pix really don't do it justice. The top looks better in person, red has got to be the most difficult color to photograph. This is a good one, you can fell it resonating when when played acoustically and it sounds great plugged in. I bought this from the original owner. He told me he bought two back in the late '90's. He played one and this has spent most of it's life in the case.


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                            This is a beauty!! Absolute mint condition PRS Torero in purple burst finish!! Well kept in smoke free environment. Selling it on ebay.

                            Ebay link:


                            The SE Torero Electric Guitar from Paul Reed Smith features a double-cutaway solid mahogany body and a maple top faced with a beautiful flame maple veneer. The 3-piece maple through body neck has a 24-fret ebony fingerboard and a comfortable wide-fat profile. You'll feel right at home with the 25.5" scale length. The PRS Torero is loaded with an EMG-81 pickup in the bridge position and the EMG-85 in the neck position. The electric guitar's Floyd Rose 1000 tremolo bridge gives you the freedom to express every nuance of your style. Cordura gig bag included
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                              Selling some great pedals and recording/practicing tools:

                              KR Musical The Doubler Fuzz: amazing RARE fuzz/octave pedal from the now defunct KR Musical. This one has plenty of dings but it has THE tone: $225 shipped CONUS

                              Dunlop Rotovibe JH-4S: hard to find version from the original Hendrix series. Sounds MUCH better than the JD4S version (I've compared them extensively). Some dings/wear but it works and sound great: $150 shipped CONUS

                              Boss CE-2 Made in Japan BLACK label: Excellent condition overall for its age with some minor dings. The label is fully in tact with no velcro: $125 shipped CONUS

                              Ibanez FZ7: great sounding cheapo fuzz. $25 shipped CONUS

                              Johnson J-Station: good condition with some normal wear. Comes with power supply and original box + CD: $75 shipped CONUS

                              Korg PXR4: good condition with some normal wear. Original box included but no power supply: $45 shipped CONUS

                              Up for sale is an early 70's MIJ Yamaha FG300 Hummingbird copy. This guitar sounds and plays GREAT...which is why I bought her. There are plenty of dings/scrapes/dents throughout, but I call that mojo . Pickguard is original, but could prob. should be glued down again. The tuners have been upgraded to Schaller's and the original case is included as well.

                              $400 shipped CONUS. NO TRADES

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                                Mesa 1x12 open back cab loaded with a Celestion M90 speaker 90 watts at 8ohms. Comes with padded cover. $200 plus shipping add 3% Paypal or gift please. Would also trade for a nice delay pedal

                                more info here: http://www.mesaboogie.com/Product_In...OB-1x12-LG.htm

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                                Fender Stratocaser partscaster w/ P90's<br />
                                <br />
                                <br />
                                <br />
                                Amps:<br />
                                Fender Deluxe Reverb RI<br />
                                Fender Acoustasonic 30<br />
                                <br />
                                <br />
                                Cabs:<br />
                                Jet City 1X12 loaded with WGS Retro 30<br />
                                <br />
                                Good Transactions With:<br />
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