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    Pickguards - $20 each shipped within the continental USA, PayPal Gift!

    Black Strat Guard cut for two tele neck pickups:

    Green Pearloid Tele Pickguard:

    Red Tort Fat Tele Pickguard (pickup not included)


    Custom Wired Strat Pickguard Assemblies - PM me to discuss specs & pricing

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      FS/FT: All are in mint unblemished condition. Prices include pp & shipping. Trade bros just let me know what you have to offer. PM for more/larger pics, & questions.

      2012 Gibson Jeff Tweedy SG w/OHSC, ***SOLD***

      2005 G&L USA Legacy HB Mahogany Special Build w/OHSC, VERY limited run, ***SOLD***

      Godin XTSA Midi/Synth Guitar w/OHSC ***SOLD***

      2011 Rickenbacker 330 w/OHSC Jetglo, $1350

      2006 Gretsch Billy-Bo Jupiter Thunderbird w/OHSC, ***SOLD***

      2012 Gibson Les Paul Jr. Special w/Gigbag, ***SOLD***
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        Got a guitar and some hardware on the 'bay. Ends Sunday.




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          Up for grabs is my digitech ipb-10 running the latest software. In like new condition. I really like it, but find I am not using it that much now. I was using it mostly for recording direct to my imac, but havent been doing much of that as of late. I have also run it using the 4 cord method, as well as straight into the f.o.h. , all worked well but the 4 cord method is the best. This is the only multi fx unit I have ever used that I actually liked. I absolutely attribute that to the ipad interface (used both the 1 and the 3) Amp sims sound pretty good as well, especially the fender. Will sell straight out for 275 shipped, will place trade value somewhere around 350-400, would consider guitars on trade. Casino or a cabronita (mim or parts) would be at the top of those lists.
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            She's a beauty ... near mint.

            $900 + Shipping

            Dead mint 2011 SG Junior Reissue

            $550 + Shipping

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              Hey Guitar player's!!! Stop by and check out our switcher's!!!




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                These SG's...

                I've got a mint DD-3 I'll sell for $70 shipped in the midwest.

                $75 shipped elsewhere.
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                  ESP LTD Potbelly PB-401

                  With Seymour Duncan P-Rails and two 3-way switches for p90, single-coil, and humbucking operation. On eBay with starting bid of .99.




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                    I'll start this off by saying, I Prefer trades...so a groovy trade offer will be considered much more than a cash offer.

                    Ibanez PT-909 Phase Tone Maxon board, MIJ, good cosmetic shape, great sounding thick phase. $100 obo

                    Boss BF-2 Flanger ~1985, MIJ Green Label, decent cosmetic shape, works perfectly, sounds great. $70 obo

                    Fender Concert II Footswitch. Great cosmetic shape, straight from 1983. Came with my Concert II when I got it, and being as I never use it, figured another II series owner might be interested. Works with all Rivera era II series fenders that need a double footswitch, from what I understand. $150 obo

                    Line 6 M5. Everyone knows what these are and what they do, so I won't really go into any detail. Good cosmetic shape, comes with Box and adapter. Its a great pedal, I just really only use it for Reverb, and occasionally trem and pitch shifting...So It doesn't make much sense for me to keep it on my board. $150 obo

                    Douglas SHM-91 (rondo music ES-345 Clone). This is all around a great great guitar, has totally won out over all the Epi's (sheratons and dots) I've owned at the same time. Extremely resonant, holds tune amazingly, very very little fret ware, very loud acoustically, in fact this specific Douglas 345 clone has sounded better, and played better than most every modern production Gibson I've played in recent years. A Bold statement, I know...But its true (from my perspective at least). Great classic gibson tones all through this thing.

                    Maple Neck/Rosewood Fretboard

                    Maple Body, w/solid Maple Center block

                    Block and Diamond fret board inlays (think epi sheraton)

                    Five Ply body binding on the front single ply on the back

                    Bound Fretboard

                    Medium Jumbo Frets (very very little wear)

                    Gold Grover Tuners

                    Gorgeous Glam Silver Glitter Finish on Front Deep cherry on the back/sides/back of neck

                    Chrome Covered Gibson 498T bridge pickup

                    Chrome Covered Stock neck pickup (sounded better than the 59n I had in it for awhile so I put it back)

                    24 3/4" neck

                    12" fret board radius

                    Asking $325 w/epi hardshell case (pictured) Trades PREFERRED

                    Trades...I'm mostly interested in trading for a Fender Pawnshop Offset Special (Pink prefered), or Modern Player ThinLine Deluxe Telecaster (or some other thinline tele of some sort possibly even a GFS/Xavier)...a Blacktop (or possibly squire) Jazzmaster, MIM or Blacktop Strat or Tele, Basically any groovy decent quality 25.5" scale guitar with single coils, and I might be interested....Colors not important, nor is cosmetic appearance (within reason), if its beat up a bit, but still functionally/structurally sound, and has life left in the frets...I'll probably be interested.

                    Also looking for a great Reverb pedal, a Boss TR-2 (or similar trem), Way Huge Green Rhino, Supa-puss, Pork Loin, and some sorta Vibrato Pedal (VB-2 Clone or similar)

                    Anyways, Hit me up with offers (here or via email edwardATexperimentsinlowfidelityDOTcom)...worst I can do is say no.

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                      EMG 81 pickup I am pulling out of this guitar:

                      $40 shipped within the continental USA via Paypal gift.

                      Custom Wired Strat Pickguard Assemblies - PM me to discuss specs & pricing

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                        Ibanez Artstar AS 120


                        Now on Ebay


                        Originally posted by fu2jobu"1999 was all about me wanting to find Lou Bega and giving him a few good bitch slaps. "FS/FT - LTD Mirage guitar with EMG pickups. (MIJ)http://www.harmonycentral.com/t5/Electric-Guitars/FS-FT-LTD-Mirage-guitar-emg-pickups/m-p/36167161/highlight/false#M290782


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                          For sale is a Beautifully Grained One Piece American Black Walnut Strat Style body Sadly I am not going to go ahead with this project. It will make an amazing guitar for someone. I bought it from the ebay auction below. The reason it is listed as no longer available rather than the typical "sold" is that I had just bought another body from the seller hours before he listed this one and he agreed to send me this one instead before the one I bought shipped out. I'm going to link some pictures here and there are more pictures available from the action listing below.

                          I paid $224.44 shipped. Looking for $160 shipped/pp'ed to the lower 48

                          My pics (again more linked from the auction link below):

                          Specs from auction listing.

                          "Fitted for a Non-Tremolo Fender Hartail Bridge,2-1/16" String Spacing.

                          Standard 2-3/16" neck pocket,5/8" deep x 3" long.

                          Rear Control Cavity Routed for four pots and rear route for Les Paul Style switch,both with American Bkack Wallut covers.

                          Routed for Gibson LP Style Switch in upper bout. Similar to a Jaguar.

                          Sanded to 220 grit.

                          Arm and belly relief cuts.

                          1-3/4" thick and weighs 4.5.0 LBS."

                          Member of the SG Army

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                            FOR SALE: Perfect condition EHX Stereo Clone Theory Chorus Vibrato - $65 shipped CONUS

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                            Originally Posted by Naterel

                            I dunno, my glasses were dirty from slider grease thats why my vision was blurry.

                            pretty wife


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                              Includes foot switch.

                              It has a scuff or two on the tolex, but it is in great shape.

                              Open to anything for trade, especially bass amps.
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                                Vester 12-string electric guitar.

                                Off to eBay: http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll...m=281037695883

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