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Any Ed Roman Love?


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  • Any Ed Roman Love?

    Pilot short for an Ed Roman reality show!!!

    This video was posted in the amp forum...apologies if it's old news here, but I figured with all the bitching and BS going on in HCEG lately, it'd be nice to have something we can ALL agree on. Namely, the douchebaggery that WAS Ed Roman



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    Calling BG76....
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      Any Ed Roman Love? That would be a "no." I have no opinion, but there seems to be a lot of hate when that name comes up.
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        way better idea than having a show about cupcakes at war or those dudes who build gaudy fish tanks.

        I would have watched this all the time!

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          Lets all kick the dead guy.
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            I would have watched that!

            And no opinion on Ed Roman one way or the other. RIP Ed.
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              worst promo ever
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                The man is dead - can't we just let him rest in peace?


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                  Quote Originally Posted by benricci
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                  The man is dead - can't we just let him rest in peace?

                  Probably not. People bag on Jimi every day.

                  Oh, and

                  We're not in Kansas anymore.


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                    I've always thought that Ed Roman was the man.


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                      The show looked very boring. No wonder it wasnt picked up.
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                        The irony here...Ed spent so much time cultivating an abrasive image, he'd be disappointed if he weren't remembered for his absurd antics, rants and bizarre claims that Fender, Gibson and PRS were secretly importing guitars and labeling them as MIA.

                        Love him or hate him, he was one of a kind...and I think somewhere he's laughing at all of us...those of us slandering him, sure, but probably more so, those defending him


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                          Ed's dead baby, Ed's dead
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                            Bought my first electric from ECMM in the late 80's. I always loved visiting his shop. He was no more slimy and opinionated than most music store owners I've met, and his staff no more surly than most. I know there were people who had bad dealings with him. I was sorry to hear of his passing. I definitely would have watched his show.


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                              Gee, didn't he look unhealthy, not surprised he passed.
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