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    B.C. Rich Guitars announces the Neil Giraldo Signature Eagle for 2012. When you think of the classic B.C. Rich Guitars lineup (Bich, Mockingbird and Eagle guitars), it's hard not to visualize Neil Giraldo with his early 80s, Bigsby-equipped Kato Green Sunburst Eagle. Neil is without question one the most noteworthy artists to emerge from the B.C. Rich Guitars Golden Era. From his earliest works with Pat Benatar to his latest projects, his trusty Eagle Supreme affectionately known as "Kato" has provided the ultimate platform for his aggressive bends and signature style. B.C. Rich pays tribute to Neil and ushers in a new Golden Era with a faithful recreation of his renowned Eagle for 2012.

    Construction: Neck Through

    Body Wood: Mahogany

    Body Thickness: 40mm

    Headstock Style: 3-to-a-Side Traditional

    Headstock Color: Matching

    Headstock Binding: White

    Tuners: Sperzel

    Neck Wood: Mahogany

    Neck Radius: 12"

    Back of Neck: Painted

    Neck Binding: White

    Nut Width: 43mm

    Fretboard: Ebony

    Inlay: Cloud

    Frets: 24 jumbo

    Factory Strings: Dunlop Strings

    Bridge Type: Bigsby

    Pickups: Seymour Duncan SH-2 (Neck) and SH-4 (Bridge)

    Color: Kato Green, Tobacco Sunburst


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    "Does whatever a Spider-pig does!"


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      Not crazy bout the finish or the Bigsby but one of the nicer Rich designs ive seen.
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        I think the Bigsby is one if the BEST touches on a B.C. Rich I've ever seen. Otherwise, I think B.C. Rich guitars are pretty Put P-90s in it and it would be a lot better.
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          I actually like this guitar. Not so much the finish, but I like the classic BC Rich designs, and the Bigsby is a nice touch.


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            I like the inlays


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              I like it.


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                I like it except for the sickening color.

                Make it a hippie sammich and Im on it.


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                  I think I like it, finish and all.
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                    You'd have to pay me $999 to take that thing.


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                      I want to remind you once again of grammar's importance: Capitalization is the difference between helping your Uncle Jack off a horse, and helping your uncle jack off a horse.


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                        Quote Originally Posted by Roy Brooks
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                        I like it.

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