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interesting new "T" style boutique electric guitar - Saguaro Tombstone!


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  • interesting new "T" style boutique electric guitar - Saguaro Tombstone!

    This is really quite cool, I am on a "tourbox" where this guitar is traveling around the country, and I am getting to spend a week with it.

    Where it DIFFERS from the other hundreds of boutique "T" style guitars is the body. Inside the body is an aluminum frame, a metal sustain block, and two rods of aluminum running lengthwise along the body.

    The body is significantly THINNER than a standard Tele, and feels very comfortable to wear and play.

    The neck is SWEET - big 6105 frets, thick "V" shape profile, light nitro finish that allows you to feel the grain through the finish.

    The guitar has MORE sustain than any other Tele I have ever played, and it has the Tele tones in SPADES> it almost out-Teles most traditional Teles, in that the guitar just sounds bigger and stronger and more Tele-like than "real" Teles.

    the body is a WORK of art, and has a BUNCH of new technology going on inside it. check out the Saguaro website to read and see how much work goes into making one of these bodies

    and a video demo

    long, strong, and down to get the friction on......

    youtube.com/roccotanto (for pedal demos and stuff)
    twitter: @bobbydevito

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    i want this guitar more than anything
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    Originally Posted by B.Renegades

    I suppose a 1 channel amp would be good if you listened to only one kind of music.

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