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  • They might be as punk as ****************, but they still earned all their millions from prom hits like When September Ends and Time of Your Life.


    • Quote Originally Posted by Bucksstudent
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      I had less respect for Green Day when they were relevant than I do for Justin Beiber. Beiber isn't trying to be something that he's not, at least. We know that he's a pop star, and he knows that as well.

      Beiber isn't trying to be something that he's not?

      Yo, I hear ya, Word, my peeps.


      • He should be more understanding. Rhianna needs extra time because she sings every word in her lyrics 4-6 times.
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        • Right or wrong, his reaction was wrong. I like Green Day, but that tantrum was beyond ****************in stupid.
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          • Armstrong's just a dick


            • Justin has more Street Cred and class.