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I think my GAS has died :cry:


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    Well at your age I also owned two Fender Tele's and an acoustic and being the best player I could be was my top priority, I also got married the next year.After getting settled down, having two sons, and being in my mid 30's did my first heavy GAS attack come! Now at 51 my last big GAS binge was 3 or 4 years ago and there may be 2 or 3 guitars I would like to add before I kick the bucket but am in no rush. It seems you have a good head on your shoulders and enjoy what you have, by your mid to late 30's when the financial pressures ease up enjoy your next binge lol.


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      Quote Originally Posted by Help!I'maRock!
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      it's hibernating. don't worry, it'll be back.

      This. Suddenly, you'll find a desire for something new.

      "Your own limitations render you incapable of realizing that not everyone is as limited as yourself."


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        I more or less don't have GAS at this point. I'm content with what I've got, and the next thing on my list is a very nice head/cab setup, which I don't expect for some time. I just played through an Engl Savage 120... Something like that But it's not a big deal. Pretty much GAS free.
        Originally Posted by Hopeless

        I wouldn't recommend them for metal, but then I also wouldn't recommend playing metal.

        Originally Posted by Django Sentenza

        When you've founded an entire branch of science dedicated to quantifying taste, get back to me.


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          Quote Originally Posted by billybilly
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          Well, you have good gear and by the sounds of it, a life. No need to have what you don't need. I have all I need, but not much of a life (lol), so I intermittently buy gear to confirm I still exist.

          Good luck with the house!

          Jeesh it's gotta be a lot easier for you guys across the pond, try livin over here where it seems like every week there's another blow-out sale. I honestly don't know how I was able to resist all the Gibson deals comin down the pike. I've barely been playin due to carpal tunnel and the added responsibility of a layed-up spouse (hip surgery) and yet I've been jonesin hard for a new toy.
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            I only have GAS for a 335, some pedals and maybe a EL34/84 or a KT88 amp.

            Besides the pedals, none are really needed. The pedals are kind of because I'm playing music for a living (sort of).

            I'm graduating college this year and would like to take the (hot) girlfriend of xrleroyx off to europe, and buy a ring for her either this year or next. Any HCEG'ers in europe - let's jam at some point/be awesome enough to let us pass out on your couch.

            Congrats though man. You seem to have your **************** together.
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              Quote Originally Posted by Help!I'maRock!
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              it's hibernating. don't worry, it'll be back.

              That's where I'm at too.

              I keep hoping I can hand my User Name down to the next generation, but something always comes along. Something new, some new configuration, or something I've lusted for that's now at an irresistible price.

              But for now "ssshhh, it's sleeping"
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                I thought joining the band stopped my gas. However, playing with another guitarist in the band tends to keep the GAS alive.
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                  Quote Originally Posted by strtdv
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                  Now when I'm actually earning good money I'm just not that excited by the prospect of buying gear any more...

                  this is the answer

                  when you know you can, you often dont want to.

                  applies to lots of things in life.

                  plus immediate priorities change.
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                  Originally Posted by aenemated
                  doc always has been and always will be. He behaves as if he is 18 years old with worlds of wisdom

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                    I'm about to step off the GAS for a bit. I've got some cash in the bank ready to spend on a nice acoustic - the last piece of the puzzle for me.

                    Or so I think... I suppose I might need an AER amp to go with it.... NO NO NO!

                    I'm always going to have dream GAS - I'd love the band to hit the big time and end up needing a couple of 100W amps and stacks of cabinets. But probably not in 2013... although an extra 1x12 would be nice to beef up the sound... NO NO NO NO!

                    ...and who doesn't want to build a partscaster Tele? I don't really have a reliable 'beater' electric at the moment... ARRRRRGH!


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                      GAS is a beast lurking in deep the shadows.

                      When it's hidden, I think I'm in the safe.

                      When it exposes itself, I never saw it coming.
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