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  • Sekova electric guitars

    Anyone have one?
    I one day hope to be the man my dog thinks I am.WORDS OF WISDOM FROM VARIOUS MEMBERS"most often the guitar will rise or fall to the level of the player""people overthink ****************""Sometimes you gotta know when to shut the **************** up and have a little class. Not you, you're special.""If it sounds good to you then it sounds good"The bull**************** and myths in the guitar world are stacked very high.

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    Had a really goofy poor SG copy meets poor 335 copy w/ squealed-like-a-pig pups once upon a time in a land far, far away.

    'Twern't no fairytale either.
    Warning signs that you may be an "@$$hol€"...

    Originally Posted by Oyaji

    ...Hell, you'd probably say I'm an **************************** for drinking beer while driving. Or an **************************** for blasting ZZ top on the way to work, or an **************************** for going outside for my morning piss, or an **************************** for checking out high school girls, or an **************************** for porking underage girls, or an **************************** for...


    If I ever get to the point of sigging quotes about myself somebody PLEASE hunt me down and put me out of my misery. 'Preciate it.