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Show your offbrand vintage cheapos!(sears, airline, harmony ECT...)


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    Quote Originally Posted by fuzztone
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    Red Western Auto Truetones and Black Sears Silvertone

    I'm pretty sure that's the design the Champs got their guitars from.
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      Originally Posted by guitarkid
      is this serious or him being an ****************************?

      Originally Posted by Alchemist
      go easy on him, he might just bust out his move
      I'm assuming thats when he goes into the fetal position, sticks his thumb up his ass, and cries until you leave him alone

      Originally Posted by Rhone
      A lot of time and effort has gone in to 'updating' this site just so that one dude can upload his Nam video from his motel room


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        lol.. basically guitars that use a U-shaped bar as a string retainer.
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          70's Hondo LP Style

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            Quote Originally Posted by Brewski
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            $159.00 Les Paul Copy

            $129.00 ES335 Copy

            $400.00 Explorer Copy

            MY $203.00 PRS Copy

            Crap Load of Copies

            I puked last night after eating a volcano taco and drinking vodka. I felt like a ****************ing dragon.

            Originally Posted by arrowhen

            I figure I've only got about $200 worth of talent, so anything I spend over that is just wasted beer money.

            Originally Posted by RaVenCAD

            I think the most interesting facet of this entire topic is that more people seem to like Ed Roman than BG76.. Out dickheading Ed Roman - man, that takes some serious skill..


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              vintage Cheapo's already!
              Finally learning to enjoy something besides metal......and it Hurts!


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                Quote Originally Posted by GuitarSlim101
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                Love those Airline's
                LAST TIME I GAVE A ****************...I GOT ****************ED!!!

                Originally Posted by Sneaky6

                Please do not try to introduce common sense to these guys. These are the same guys who own 12 five thousand dollar amps and play concerts in their bedrooms to their Steve Vai posters and stuffed animals

                Originally Posted by Strings74

                God do I miss the days when I'd buy my drugs from immigrant Italians.

                Good guys to deal with:
                koti123, HOMER308


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                  Ok, no vintage electric, but here's what I have (had):

                  teisco bass:

                  And I don't have my own photo handy, but I have a checkmate acoustic (on the left):

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                  60's(?) Checkmate acoustic (restrung lefty)
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                    Late 60s/early 70s Welson (Italian brand, they use to build for Vox too): my dad's guitar, now in my possession...

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                      I need to get one...But I can't find any!!! That airline...
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                      Originally Posted by zachary vex

                      There's no time like the past.


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                        [QUOTE=bgmacaw;22621625]Global SG Jr (sorta)

                        Zombie thread, arise!

                        I was searching for any info I could find on my old Global, and I came across this thread. I have exactly the same model. I bought it from a classmate of mine (or rather my dad bought it for me) when I was 13 years old. It was my very first guitar, and after taking lessons for about a year, my dad could see that I was really serious about it and he bought me a used Peavey T-60. I wish I still had that T-60, but I do still have the Global. For one thing, I have an attachment to it because it was my very first guitar. But also, I never thought of selling it because I was never that desperate for tens of dollars. It has some chips around the edges of the vintage clown burst body, but the original tuners still function on mine. It's actually disassembled right now because I decided to give it a thorough cleaning. I haven't even had strings on it since I was about 15 years old (so about 28 years ago). The only problem, other than some chips and scratches, is that the pick-guard (which still has the ornamental silk screening all the way around) is a bit warped. But I think I'll give it a fret job, change the pots and cap, and probably cut a new nut to replace the crappy plastic nut, and actually play it again. I think that the first time I play it again, I should turn it around and play it left handed, just to remind myself what it was like the first time I ever held a guitar in my hands.
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                          Crap pic, but a freakin' sweet guitar. LOVE it for recording.

                          Sounds like no other. Best part is... I traded a Keeley Rat for it. Straight up. I love to flip guitars, but this one will never leave my little collection.


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                            '66 Kay Speed Demon